Sixth Passaic River Symposium

Passaic River Symposium VI

Intersecting Priorities

Organized by the Passaic River Institute of Montclair State University

Thursday October 9, 2014 & Friday October 10, 2014

Montclair State University Conference Center
1 Normal Avenue, Montclair, NJ

Passaic River Basin and Sub-Watersheds Map

The sixth Passaic River Symposium was an event featuring environmental management, watershed science, and the Lower Passaic River Restoration Project. The symposium included invited keynote speakers and plenary sessions/presentations on all aspects of environmental management challenges relevant to the Passaic River Basin and other regional watersheds. This conference year focused on sediment remediation, environmental monitoring results, flooding, ecosystem restoration, and environmental advocacy and public outreach efforts. Projects in the upper River and tributary watersheds also played a prominent role in this conference.

Symposium Proceedings

The Passaic River Symposium VI proceedings will be published after the symposium. Authors of accepted contributions to the Symposium are invited and encouraged to submit a full proceedings manuscript. Information on manuscript preparation will be provided soon after the notification of abstract acceptance. Only papers presented at the Symposium are eligible for review and possible publication in the proceedings. All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed and must comply with all guidelines for scientific papers that will be available as noted.

Program Contents

Plenary Session

  • Colonel Paul E. Owen, District Engineer, US Army Corps of Engineers, NY District
  • Mr. Bob Martin, Commissioner, NJ Department of Environmental Protection
  • Mr. George Pavlou, Deputy Regional Administrator, US Environmental Protection Agency-Region 2
  • Passaic River Institute Fellowship Awards Program

Session A Challenges and Priorities within the Passaic River Basin

Session Chair: Meiyin Wu

Book Reading and Signing

Thomas Belton

  • Protecting New Jersey’s Environment: from Cancer Alley to the New Garden State

Session B Lower Passaic River Restoration Project

Session Chairs: Eric A. Stern and Michael Kruge

Poster Presentation

  1. Y. Li, D. Colombini, Y. Qian, H. Feng*
    Estimation of Riverine Nutrient Fluxes in WMA7 Watershed near Newark, New Jersey
  2. A. Tarmu
    Designing Community Gardens to Increase Food Security in Urban New Jersey
  3. S. Mitchel
    A Brownfields Collaborative Model: An Evaluation of the Use of Government Partnerships to Address Regional Environmental Issues in Communities
  4. S. Singh*, R. W. Taylor, A. V. Ferdinand
    A Conceptual Framework to Model Food Waste Management System in Passaic County, New Jersey
  5. W. Neill
    LEED-ND Certification: Potential to Contribute to Social, Environmental and Economic Restoration and Revitalization along the Passaic River
  6. M. Finocchiaro*, M. Wu, P. Bologna
    Effects of Dominant Plant Species and Water Depth on Methane Fluxes in a Freshwater Wetland
  7. A. Eneyew*, L. Willibald
    Water Resources Assessment and Management in Wujraba Micro-Watershed, North Gonder, Ethiopia
  8. Y. Song*, Y. Deng
    Interactions of Ferrate(VI) with Natural Organic Matters (NOMs) in the Passaic River
  9. N. Li*, D. Sarkar, Y. Deng
    Performance and Potential Application of Ferrate (VI)-Based Water Reuse Technology
  10. L. Mirrer, M. Finocchiaro*, M. Wu, H. Feng
    Impacts of Land Use on the Passaic River’s Water Quality
  11. S. Bennett*, J. Salierno
    The Effects of Stream Urbanization on Water Quality and Macroinvertebrate Communities in the Whippany River
  12. G. A. Pope*, S. Zerbo III*, M.W. Loubriel, L. M. Agrios, J. Galster, M. Wu
    Geomorphic Soil Development from Late Quaternary and Holocene Deposits, Stokes State Forest, New Jersey
  13. J. Lipps, P. Tomasula, M. Ramirez*, M. Wu, G.A Pope, J. Galster
    Effects of Urbanization on Water Quality of Two New Jersey Rivers
  14. M. Ramirez*, J. Lipps, P. Tomasula, L. Lee, M. Wu, J. Galster, G. Pope
    Effects of Land Use on Water Quality of the Passaic River through Coliform bacteria Levels
  15. R. Newton, D. Dubossi*, A. Chang*, M. Traore*, A. Ventura*, R. Villalona, M. Liang*,
    Sediment Accretion and Element Concentration in the Soil of a Hudson River Estuary Marsh
  16. C. Perez*, K. Ojeda*
  17. R. Newton*, M. Baronian*, C. Chu*, E. Leon*, O. Matthew*, L. Matza*, J. Notoris*, A. Peters*
    Developing and Testing a Device for Marine Invertebrate Trapping at Piermont Pier
  18. R. Newton*, A. Galindo*, A. Gallegos*, K. Lora*, A. Ramirez*, S. Pericles*, A.
    Analysis of Eutrophication in Piermont Marsh
  19. Viruet*, W. Bienstock*
  20. R. Newton*, Y. Adorno*, D. Brim*, D. Magadini*, N. Mapp*, A. Monserrate*, A.
    Gut Content Analysis of a Catch and Release Census in Piermont Marsh
  21. Rahman*, T. Torres*, V. Vidal*
  22. R. Newton*, A. Haroon*, L. Ho*, K. Lobasov*, C. Lopez*, M. Lopez*, N. Reyes*, M.
    Carbon dynamics of surface and down core sediments of Piermont Marsh; Hudson River Estuary
  23. Sevilla*, G. Vincent*, A. Zhang*
  24. R. Newton*, A. Cruz*, A. Martinez*, A. Mittiga*, J. Bjorton*, B. Liang*, J. Nunez*, E. Pratusevich*, M. Henry*
    The Root of the Problem: Testing the Thermal Tolerance of the Rhizosphere of Phragmites australis in Piermont Marsh; New York
  25. S. Janssen*, J. R. Reinfleder
    Tracking Sources of Mercury in Fish from the Hackensack River Estuary; New Jersey; USA using Mercury Stable Isotopes
  26. M. Ramirez*, A. Rossi, E. Wong, L. Lee, M. Wu
    Comparison of Select Enterococcus and E. coli Detection Methods in Recreational Waters
  27. B. Ravit*, J. Weis
    Are tidal marsh restorations designed to be resilient to climate change?
  28. M Newton*, M. Ramirez, L. Lee, M. Wu
    PCR based Assay for Microbial Source Tracking
  29. L. Jordan*
    Exploring Open Data Sets for Improved Health of the Lower Passaic River
  30. K. Balschunat, M. Guzner*, M. McNicholas*, B. N. Muller, J. C. Galster, G. Pope, M. S. Wu
    The Influence of Watershed Land Uses on New Jersey Rivers’ Discharges and Channel Characteristics
  31. P. Weis*, T. Proctor, K. R. Barrett, R. Bopp
    Profiles of Metal Concentrations in Sediments of a Contaminated Marsh in the Hackensack Meadowlands, NJ, Indicate natural Attenuation

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Plenary Session

Session C Working Together for Clean Water

Session Chairs: Danielle Donkersloot & Tanya Sulikowski

Session D Flooding and Flooding Management

Session Chair: Josh Galster

Passaic River Working Group Meeting

Danielle Donkersloot & Meiyin Wu

Session E Applied Sustainability for Local Problem Solving

Session Chair: Robert Taylor

Session F Environmental Education

Session Chair: William Thomas

Session G Environmental Assessment: New Tools and New Challenges

Session Chair: Kevin Olsen

Session H Green Infrastructure Workshop

Session Chair: Jeremiah Bergstrom

  • C. C. Obropta, J.D. Bergstrom
    Green Infrastructure Initiative for the Passaic River: A partnership between PVSC and Rutgers
  • M. DeFrancisci*, J. D. Bergstrom*, C. C. Obropta
    GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE: Sustainable Practices and Programs for New Jersey Communities

Ella Filippone Memorial Student Research Awards

Outstanding Student Poster Presentation

Marco Finocchiaro
Institution: Montclair State University
Advisor: Meiyin Wu
Effects of Dominant Plant Species and Water Depth on Methane Fluxes in a Freshwater Wetland
Lauren Ho, Kathleen Lobasov, Magdaly Sevilla, Gabrielle Vincent, Amy Zhang
Institution: Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University
Advisor: Meiyin Wu
Carbon Dynamics of Surface and Down Core Sediments of Piermont Marsh, Hudson River Estuary
Sarah Janssen
Institution: Rutgers University
Advisor: John R. Reinfelder
Tracking Sources of Mercury in Fish from the Hackensack River Estuary, New Jersey, USA Using Mercury Stable Isotopes
Myla Ramirez
Institution: Montclair State University
Advisor: Meiyin Wu
Effects of Land Use on Water Quality of the Passaic River through Coliform Bacteria Levels

Outstanding Student Oral Presentation

Natalie Sherwood
Institution: Montclair State University
Advisor: Meiyin Wu
Mercury Contamination in New Jersey's Snapping Turtles (Chelydra serpentina)
Kelly Triece
Institution: Montclair State University
Advisor: Meiyin Wu
Habitat Characteristics of Wildlife Crossing Hotspots in Northern New Jersey

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Conference Location

The Symposium was held at the Conference Center at Montclair State University on the 7th floor of University Hall. It is a first-class conference center with a spectacular panoramic view of the Manhattan skyline. Visit the Conference Center webiste for information and directions.

For More Information

Direct any inquires or questions to Dr. Meiyin Wu, Director of the Passaic River Institute and chair of the Symposium at or call 973-655-5423.