1. Effects of Urban Development on Stream Morphology
  2. Field and laboratory methods used to assess Late Quaternary Pedogenesis
  3. Comparison of Water Quality through Coliform Bacteria Levels in Northern New Jersey Rivers


  1. Finding the origin of sediments along the Northern New Jersey watersheds by analyzing the concentration of the rare elements and surrounding land use
  2. Effects of land use on the diversity, productivity, and presence of invasive species in aquatic plant communities
  3. Watershed land use influences on river discharge and channel characteristics across northern New Jersey
  4. Water quality monitoring and assessment in Northern New Jersey watersheds.


  1. Hydrologic Budget Assessment of a Small Forested Lake in Northwestern NJ
  2. Computing the hydrologic budget for Lake Wapalanne
  3. Characterization of Lake Wapalanne (New Jersey) Sediment Chronology with Environmental Changes
  4. Phosphorus Bioavailability in Lake Wapalanne
  5. Effects of Eurasian Watermilfoil on Benthic Macroinvertebrate Communities