Challenge Six

Baseball & Bones

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INSTRUCTIONS:  Fill in the blank spaces with the correct scientific names of the bones. Only correct scientific names will be given credit.

baseball batter clipart Michael and Michelle were watching a baseball game.  The pitcher held the baseball firmly with his fingers (1.__________________________ ) and the palm of his hand (2. _____________________________).  The pitcher raised the upper part of his arm (3______________________________).  This motion caused the two bones in his shoulder area (4. ______________________________  and  (5.______________________________ ) to move. 


It is the ninth inning and his team has a one run lead.  The opposing team has one out and the bases are loaded. The pitcher is getting very nervous.  As he is winding up to throw the ball, he begins to breathe a little  harder.  As a result, two different kinds of bones in the front part of his chest (6. _______________________ and 7. __________________     ) move up and down more often to permit more air into his lungs.


When he releases the ball from his hand, his body turns and twists gently.  A series of many bones in a column permit him to turn his entire body in this necessary manner. These bones in the column are called the (8._________________________________). This pitching motion involves the three long bones of his leg.  These bones are: ( 9. ___________________________ , 10. ______________________ and

11._____________________________ ). 


His foot hits the ground.  His foot consists of ankle bones ( 12. __________________ ),  the bones in the arch or curved part of  his foot ( 13. ____________________________) and the bones of his toes (14. ___________________________).  He releases the ball and when the ball reaches home plate, the batter hits a line drive back toward the mound. 


It hits the pitcher on the top of his head (15. ______________________________) and the pitch is OUT!


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