Belize RFC 2012 Information

Review with students for Videoconference preparation

Jackie, Anna, and Greg will be visiting the Belize Lagoon on Tuesday, December 11th,  view the slideshow.

In addition, show your students the video of "Belize Forest and Lagoon 2" posted on youtube, to stimulate their interest and to set a tone for the discussions.

Slideshows of wildlife in Belize part 1 and part 2.

Slideshow of overview of Belize.

African Savannahs are in Worse Condition than the World's Rainforests: read more here...

Show this video to introduce students to upcoming Rainforest Connection visits: Call of the Wild Kingdom . This short video of African wildlife shows the deserts of Namibia, the savannahs of Botswana, and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

The video is set to music composed by local musician Glenn Zervas.  Visit Glenn's website at for more of his work.

Information for teachers already scheduled for a Belize 2012 video conference should also review the references below.

General information:

The first rainforest video-chats of the school year will be hosted from a remote eco-lodge in Belize in a forest with the highest density of jaguars in the world.  PRISM videoconference programs feature live conversations with scientists, researchers, naturalists, teachers, and students from locations such as Panama, Belize, and Australia.  The Belize experiences are hosted from ChanChich Lodge near the border of Guatemala, via satellite internet.  You can view the location at their website: ( 

Belize TOPICS:

Rainforest Cats

Cautious and mostly nocturnal, the several species of rainforest cats are very hard to study. These cats are important predators of rainforests in the Neotropics and other habitats from North America to South America, They play a special role in food webs which can be learned through study of a surprising behavior. Talk with scientists about how ocelots are observed, what has been learned, and what still needs to be known.

Diversity of Animals in Rainforest Biomes

There are many kinds of rainforests, but they all have some factors in common.  How are rainforests different from other forest biomes? What similarities do they share with other kinds of forests?  Why are they so interesting to scientists?  Why are rainforests endangered habitats?

Intro to Rainforest

What is a rainforest? Is there only one kind? Where are they? What lives there? How do we study them? What's so special about them.

Food Webs

Who eats whom?  How do we know this?  What are the adaptations of predators for catching prey and for prey to avoid being eaten?  What is the role of plants?

Adaptations of Monkeys

Learn about how monkeys live, their special adaptations, their unique behaviors and their ecological roles in rainforests.


Snakes and their roles in the Food Web

Some of the most wonderful and beautiful adaptations among animals are exhibited by snakes. Explore how they move, how they feed, how they play an important role in their ecosystems. What is venom and why does it interest pharmaceutical companies? Where do snakes live and how diverse are they?

30 minutes sessions for $150/each - Only a few timslots on December 17th are still available.

By appointment: 
Send email requests for topics, dates, grade level, and suggested times to Dot Stradford at

Jaguar facing away from the camera

Jaguar photographed by our camera-traps at Chan Chich Belize

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