Read First-Hand Experiences of Teachers in Tropical Rainforests

We look forward to seeing you in person Feb. 26 – March 2. Jackie and Greg Willis are already on Barro Colorado Island in Panama, walking the trails to gather data for their research project.
In order to introduce you to ideas about tropical forests, we have made three short videos for you to view.

Be sure to turn up the volume on your computer, because we have narration and music.

We hope this material will help stimulate some ideas about the kinds of interactions and organisms that occur in tropical forests.

1. Cloud Forest: A Cool Tropical Forest

Dr. Jackie Willis describes some of the characteristics of a tropical forest that is cool, but still a rainforest. She shows a few of the species of birds and mammals.

2. Cloud Forest: Seeing Animals

Greg Willis has been photographing rainforest animals and plants, and he is your guide to seeing some unusual creatures.

3. Mycorrhizal Fungi

Ms. Drea DeLuca and her class in PS #23 in Jersey City, NJ, have recorded this rap on some important fungi in rainforests. We hope this song inspires your class to do projects that help us focus on understanding the ecology of forests around the world. Share them with all of us!

These videos can be viewed with Windows Media Player, on PC or Mac.
We are working on making this accessible for other video players.
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