Affiliated Faculty

College of Science and Mathematics

Office of the Dean

  • Prezant, Robert - Environmental monitoring, ecology, marine and aquatic biodiversity

Biology & Molecular Biology

  • Bologna, Paul - Aquatic vegetation and ecology
  • DiLorenzo, Ann Marie - Genetic toxicology, cell and organ culture
  • Hazard, Lisa C. - Ecological and evolutionary physiology of reptiles and amphibians
  • Kight, Scott - Aquatic ecology, aquatic insects
  • Korky, John - Ecology. morphology, and systematics of amphibian adults and larvae
  • Lee, Lee - Aquatic microbiology
  • Prezant, Robert - Environmental monitoring, ecology, marine and aquatic biodiversity
  • Smallwood, John - Ornithology, Ecology, Research in Ecology of the American Kestrel
  • Vanderklein, Dirk - Ecology and physiology of trees and plants; Water transport in trees
  • Wu, Meiyin - Aquatic ecology, ecosystem restoration, invasive species management, wetland assessment and mitigation

Chemistry & Biochemistry

  • Olsen, Kevin - Analytical chemistry, maritime history of northeastern NJ

Computer Science

Earth & Environmental Studies

New Jersey School of Conservation

  • Thomas, William H. - Anthropology, ethno-ecology, conservation and traditional ecological wisdom of indigenous people
  • FitzGerald, Randall W - Microtine evolutionary ecology, sexual selection, conservation art

Passaic River Institute

  • Barrett, Kirk R. - Water quality and hydrology of watersheds, surface waters and wetlands; ecological engineering; environmental education

PRISM (Professional Resources in Science and Mathematics)

  • Willis, Jacalyn Giacalone - Tropical forest ecology, mammalian population ecology, ocelot behavior, wildlife surveillance technology, professional development of teachers, distance learning

Sokol Institute

  • Siekierka, John (Director) - Small molecule inhibitors of parasite kinases as potential therapeutic agents; HIV viral protein interactions with host kinases
  • Goldberg, Ronald - Inflammatory diseases, assay development and high-throughput screening

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College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Office of the Dean

  • Morrissey, Marietta - Economic sustainability, Central America and Caribbean, development studies



  • Conway, Richard Mark - Social, environmental and economic history of indigenous communities under 16th-18th centuries Spanish rule in Latin America, agrarian societies, relations between cities and their

Modern Languages and Literatures

  • Elizabeth Emery - Nineteenth-century European and American cultural studies, ecofiction, socially-informed literature, colonialism, modern agricultural sustainability

Philosophy and Religion

  • Rogers, Dorothy G. - Social/political/legal philosophy ; feminist social/political/legal philosophy; women in the history of philosophy

Justice Studies

  • Zilney, Lisa Anne - Environmental justice, environmental crime, human-animal bond, human-animal violence

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College of the Arts

Industrial Design

  • Feigler, Denis - Emotional influence of design in diverse cultural and social settings, experience design, sustainable design, biomimicry

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College of Education and Human Services

Educational Foundations

  • Jaime Grinberg - Teacher education; historical, cultural, political and social contexts of schooling, teaching, educational leadership, professional development

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School of Business

Office of the Dean


  • Kay, Mark J. - Sustainable business practices, marketing models

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