Green Team Testimonials

  • The MSU PSEG ISS Green Team program was a remarkable experience. There is nothing more valuable than hands on learning experience and that it exactly what this internship provided. I loved how each member of the group was able to bring their individual expertise to the deliverables and it was that diversity of thought that made my Green Team so successful.

    I have learned that sustainability extends beyond the typical recycling program and can truly apply to any field. As the 'Arts' person on the team, I found my place aiding with website design and creating infographics about various topics related to the Hackensack University Medical Center's sustainability initiatives. My favorite part of this internship was discovering the strong connection between two things I am very passionate about: the arts and sustainability.
  • Below are a few of the things that I enjoyed the most about the summer internship.
    1. I loved being able to work with an interdisciplinary team with a diverse set of ideas. This set up a nice learning environment for each of us to develop skills that we previously did not have by working closely as a team.
    2. Early in the internship, we did a lot of fun team building activities that helped each team get to know each other and start moving through the group processes. This helped my team a lot because we loved working with each other and we able to bond very early on.
    3. At any point in the program, we had the option of asking for training in any field if it related to our work. This option opened doors for anyone to learn about a topic of interest that may have related to work but may not be an option to learn in school.
    4. The program provided both personal and professional development workshops. Additionally, the program director handed out a physical copy of our resume to every company or partner that came to train us. Thus, this experience was very helpful in growing as a person and growing my connections which I hope will be beneficial as I move forward in my career.
  • The Green Teams summer internship is a fantastic way to get acquainted with the field of sustainability. Its interdisciplinary approach allows students from all majors to participate. As one of several biology majors in the program, it was eye-opening to be part of a team that included students majoring in finance, physics, and business analytics, and I quickly learned that each of us brought different -- albeit equally valuable -- skills to the table. My team created a database to improve PSEG's data governance in relation to sustainability, effectively improving their transparency in reporting their already decent sustainability performance.

    The Institute for Sustainability Studies at Montclair State University is well-connected with large and small businesses in New Jersey, and the internship program is a great way to get your foot in the door and learn firsthand how corporations approach the growing field of sustainability.

    By participating in the program, I have learned to appreciate the importance of the economic and social facets of sustainability. Hopefully, this will allow me to assess environmental issues from different perspectives and approach ecological sustainability in a more holistic manner.
  • I would describe this as a great opportunity to meet very interesting people from very different backgrounds, students, NGO's, the government, diplomats, designers, industry professionals etc. It offers tremendous insight into how corporates perceive sustainability, how they work and what opportunities are out there in the sustainability space. There are a whole host of invaluable trainings given for free both pertaining to sustainability (LEED, GRI, LCA) and personal development (leadership skills, teamwork, communication, presentation, public speaking, resume development, college application). My experience has been very positive; I would suggest that anyone interested in sustainability should apply.
  • The Green-teams management creates a positive, nurturing environment which makes it a great workplace. There is plenty of opportunity to network and meet with very interesting individuals, professionals, the press and corporates. You make personal connections with fellow students from very diverse backgrounds and reap those benefits. With sustainability being so important for our future,
  • thus is a wonderful opportunity to learn, to observe and to work at making a difference.
  • I enjoyed the ability we were given to develop ourselves as professionals. I enjoyed that we were able to go into meetings, with our corporate partners and as an entire group, and we were looked upon as leaders within the field of sustainability.
  • I would highly recommend this program to students who question how what they're learning in the classroom fits in to the bigger picture.
  • I am much more passionate about my future career and the changes I hope to make in this world
  • The quality of the trainings we participated in couldn't have been better.
  • This has been an eye opening opportunity about sustainability and our role in maintaining the life of our planet
  • It was great getting to work with different individuals with different majors and expertise.
  • With this program, you have forever changed my life and the life of everyone involved.
  • I love this program!