Red Hawk Math Learning Center

With the creation of the Red Hawk Mathematics Learning Center, Montclair State University has implemented an innovative, exciting and successful approach to mathematics education. The Red Hawk Mathematics Learning Center (RHMLC) is a mathematics “emporium” style computer-aided learning facility. Students in Math 061 and Math 100 will attend class at the RHMLC.

Building on successful emporium designs at other universities and colleges around the nation, the RHMLC is committed to providing a superior learning environment by coupling advanced, user-friendly mathematics technology with personal, on-demand assistance from highly qualified instructors, graduate assistants and advanced undergraduate tutors. Courses in the RHMLC are designed to encourage active learning and problem solving skills as students learn mathematics most effectively when “doing mathematics.” Students will also have small group breakout sessions with an instructor and graduate assistants on a regular basis to keep them on target and to enable a stronger connection to their classmates and instructors and the material.


The Red Hawk Mathematics Learning Center (RHMLC) is located on the third floor of Conrad J. Schmitt Hall and is comprised of rooms 327, 329 and 352, as well as a variety of offices and small tutoring rooms on the third floor nearby the Center.


The Red Hawk Math Learning Center is currently closed.
View the full schedule for the Lab below.

Drop In
8:30am   Goran   Marian*      
8:45am   Goran   Marian*      
9:00am   Goran   Marian*      
9:15am   Goran   Marian*      
9:30am   Goran   Marian*      
9:45am       Marian*      
10:00am Mike   Marisa Marian*      
10:15am Mike   Marisa Marian*      
10:30am Mike   Marisa Marian*      
10:45am Mike   Marisa Marian*      
11:00am Mike   Marisa Marian*      
11:15am Mike   Marisa Marian*      
11:30am Mike   Marisa Marian*      
11:45am Mike   Marisa        
12:00pm Mike   Marisa        
12:15pm Mike   Marisa        
12:30pm Mike   Marisa        
1:00pm     Marisa   Mike    
1:15pm     Marisa   Mike    
1:30pm     Marisa   Mike    
1:45pm     Marisa   Mike    
2:00pm Robert   Marisa   Mike    
2:15pm Robert   Marisa   Mike    
2:30pm Robert Robert   Mike Mike    
2:45pm Robert Robert   Mike Mike    
3:00pm Robert Robert   Mike Mike    
3:15pm Robert Robert   Mike Mike    
3:30pm Robert Robert   Mike Mike    
3:45pm   Robert   Mike      
4:00pm   Robert          
4:15pm   Robert          
4:30pm   Robert          
4:45pm   Robert          
5:00pm   Robert          
5:30pm       Marisa      
5:45pm       Marisa      
6:00pm       Marisa      
6:15pm       Marisa      
6:30pm       Marisa      
6:45pm       Marisa      
7:00pm       Marisa      

* Marian tutors for courses: 071, 100, 109, 114

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  • Tutoring Room (CS340) TBA
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