Welcome to Montclair State University’s Red Hawk Math Learning Center Online Boot Camps

Thank you for your interest and participation in the Math Boot Camp. We hope that you found it helpful. Please note that Boot Camp completion is not required to register for a math class at MSU.

We are now transitioning to the academic year. Depending upon where you are in the process, we have some suggestions for you.

  • If you are working on the Boot Camp, you are welcome to continue to work on it as long as you are learning or it is providing a good review for you. You may come to the RHMLC for help or to take the final between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday through Thursday until August 17, 2017. If you would like work on the Boot Camp material with on-demand tutoring (to answer questions) or take the final, you are welcome at the RHMLC starting September 11th.
  • If you have not started the Boot Camp yet, you may not want to start it now but we are flexible about this. To discuss your individual circumstance, please email us at boot-camp@montclair.edu.

While we don’t recommend starting the Boot Camp program during the academic year we do offer Free Math Skills Workshops. The workshops are small group sessions focused on basic skills that are needed to succeed in college level math courses.

If you need to improve your basic math skills, the workshops can help! If you are struggling in your math or science course, your foundational skills may be the issue and you should consider attending a free workshop.

For more information about the workshops, to see the upcoming workshop times and topics and sign up to reserve a seat on the workshops webpage.

In addition to the workshops, Individual Math tutoring is available for MSU students. For more information: