Frequently Asked Questions

Student FAQs

What do I have to do each week?
In MyMathLab you will see assignments for each chapter in the textbook. You are required to complete each assignment with an 80% - 90% mastery level, depending upon your course. There are videos and help features to accompany each assignment. You can always ask for more help too!
There are due dates set for each assignment that you should aim to achieve to keep pace with the class. If you fall behind on one assignment, you will need to catch up, and work more at home. Test dates are the ultimate due date for each unit. Test dates are fixed!
You are also required to attend biweekly focus group meetings at your designated times. Depending upon your instructor, there will be written assignments completed in these sessions.
How do I pass this class?
Grading of courses in the RHMLC will be based on 1000 points. You must earn at least 650 points to pass the course, or 700 for a basic skills course. See your Student Contract for more details regarding your specific math course. Each component of the class (Homework, Quizzes, Attendance, Tests and the Final exam) contributes to your total. All homework must be completed with at least a mastery level of 80% - 90% to move on to the next assignment. Shooting for a 100% on homework will put you that much closer to your goal of passing!
How do I fail this class?
A sure fire way to fail your math course is to not attend class and not complete assignments. Studying and learning math requires practice and you will not be able to succeed without it. There is an abundance of assistance available to you in the RHMLC and in the courseware. You are failing yourself if you do not take advantage of it. Don't waste a semester and miss an opportunity to learn! If you keep up with the work, complete all assignments to the mastery level, you will set yourself up for success.
Does attendance at the Red Hawk Mathematics Learning Center count?
Yes! Weekly attendance at your two scheduled class sessions count towards your grade. In addition, a biweekly focus group meeting is required and also counts towards your grade.
What are focus groups?
Focus group meetings are small breakout sessions where you meet with your instructor or assigned graduate assistant to review difficult concepts, summarize material, prepare for exams, do group assignments and connect with your classmates. These are an important component of the course and a graded assignment will be completed at each meeting.
Is there homework in my math class?
Yes, whether in class or outside of class, you will work on the same set of problems called “homework” in MyMathLab. In order to meet weekly requirements and complete the material in one semester, you will need to work outside of class time.
You can work on MyMathLab from any computer that can connect to the internet, but you may need to run the MyMathLab Browser Check on the first access.
You are also welcome to spend additional time in the RHMLC during drop in hours or at other times if there are open computers, not being used by students attending their classes.
Can I redo homework assignments and quizzes?
YES! Each homework problem is worked on until you achieve a score of at least 80-90% on the assignment, depending on the course. Quizzes can also be retaken and the best score remains.
In MATH-100, you are allowed 3 attempts per quiz. Between quiz attempts, you will be required to complete a review assignment focusing on questions you did incorrectly on the quiz. In each retake of the quiz, you must complete the entire assignment.
What if I fail a Unit test, can I retake it?
In MATH-100 and above, tests cannot be retaken. Make sure you complete the review assignments and are well prepared before taking the exam. After your test, you should review your results and discuss any issues with grading or typos with your instructor.
In MATH-061, there is a retest policy that is discussed in your student contract. Please review this policy and speak with your instructor if you have questions.
I missed class. What should I do?
You will lose attendance credit when you miss class or your focus group. You are still required to complete all assignments. You can work in MyMathLab from home or any other computer with internet access to make up assignments, but not the credit you lost for attendance. Provided there is an open computer, you may also come to the RHMLC during a drop in time to take advantage of the help in the Learning Center, but you will not receive credit for attendance.
Can I work from home?
Yes, you are expected to complete assignments outside of class time, but remember you are still required to attend class during all sessions, until you complete the course.
What if I finish early?
GREAT!! You will not need to continue to attend class if you complete and pass all assignments, quizzes, tests and the final exam, before the semester ends! Working hard throughout the early part of the term can lead to this reward!
I am having difficulty in my math class, how do I get help?
There are many places to get help in your class.
In MyMathLab, you will find videos, “Help Me Solve This”, as well as PowerPoint Presentations.
In addition, whenever you are working in the RHMLC, placing a cup on your computer will signal an instructor, graduate assistant, or a tutor to give you on-demand assistance. Any questions you have can also be addressed at your Focus Group meeting; however you should not wait until this session.
You also have access to the University's Center for Academic Development and Assessment (CADA) tutoring services.
Online tutoring is scheduled through the RHMLC (see times on the Learning Center’s website). Online tutoring is also available through Pearchild Tutoring Services (
The tutor is not giving me a solution to the problem that I have asked. Why not?
Tutors are trained NOT to give full solutions. The tutor can give you a push in the right direction, show you where to go to find answers, or help with you a similar problem. However, giving you a full solution to the question you are struggling with will not help you learn the material. The staff at the RHMLC is working to help you become a more independent learner and thinker. After you have tried a problem, you are of course welcome to call someone back to get additional assistance.
I'm having computer trouble with MyMathLab. Who can I call?
Customer service for MyMathLab is very helpful and responsive. The phone number is 1-800-677-6337.

Parent FAQs

What is a math emporium?
The phrase “Mathematics Emporium” was coined by the mathematics department at Virginia Tech, who were the originators of this concept. In the emporium, technology is used to aid the teaching and learning of the mathematics. At Virginia Tech, and at many other colleges and universities who have gone to this model, students attend class in a large or small computer classroom and receive individualized instruction on the computer and one-on-one, on demand, assistance from qualified instructors and tutoring staff. This approach is very successful at university and colleges using the “emporium” model. The National Center of Academic Transformation, N.C.A.T., (, a non-profit organization committed to improving education, has helped this momentum. To see positive results of curriculum redesign in the emporium style, the following resources are available:
How can my child get help?
Your child has many options for help. There are instructors, graduate assistants and qualified tutors available any time the Mathematics Learning Center is open. Because they will receive instant feedback from the courseware (MyMathLab), your child will know exactly when they need help. They just need to signal a tutor by placing a red cup on his machine. In addition, when working in the courseware, they have a large variety of multimedia resources to view and can help him understand topics and work on problems. Your child can also take advantage of the University’s tutoring services at the Center for Academics Development and Assessment (CADA) or they can tap into the online tutoring available through the RHMLC or from Pearchild Tutoring Services.
Who is my child’s teacher?
There is an instructor assigned to all sections and your child will see the instructor in the Center weekly, even without a formal lecture. In addition, your child is fortunate to have a full staff of qualified instructors, graduate assistants and tutors to assist them whenever they have a question or want information about the course. In addition, during the focus group sessions, your child will meet with the same instructor and group each meeting to establish a stronger relationship with their instructor and classmates.
How can my child learn mathematics online?
Your child is lucky to have the best of both worlds in this class. Chances are they are already very adept with technology. In developing the curriculum for the courses in the RHMLC, we have tapped into some of the best technology for mathematics education that is out there. Your child will be able to watch lectures whenever they want and pause or rewind them if they missed or don't understand something. Try that in a traditional lecture!
They also get instant feedback while working on problems and can retry a different version for additional practice without even having to ask an instructor for it. More importantly, your child will have on-demand human interaction with a number of qualified staff to discuss problems that they need further help or clarification on.
My child had a learning disability. What accommodations will be made?
We will do whatever we can to accommodate your child. They should contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC) located in Morehead Hall, Room 305, or by phone 973-655-5431. The DRC will assist them in receiving the accommodations and services necessary to equalize access.
The DRC provides assistance to students with physical, sensory, learning, psychological, neurological, and chronic medical disabilities. The mission of the DRC is to unite the Montclair State University community in an effort to provide students with disabilities the excellence and equity in education to which they are legally entitled. Contact the Disability Resource Center for further information and assistance.
My child sounds worried about thier grade in their math class. What can I do to help?
It is difficult to see your child struggling! You should encourage your child to speak with their instructor or Focus Group leader regarding their progress in the course. If they have been attending class and putting the necessary time into the material, it is likely that this conversation can result in positive results. There are also workshops and review sessions that you should encourage them to attend. You can find a schedule of these on the RHMLC's website.
How will my child be tested in his math class?
Tests are proctored in the Red Hawk Mathematics Learning Center. There are designated testing weeks, but if they are ahead of schedule, they can take their tests early. Tests are timed, and in credit level courses, students are only allowed one attempt at this assessment. The Final Exam is scheduled during Montclair State University’s exam week. This exam can also be taken early.