Science Informatics

main page image, girl looking at a jar with red liquid Housed in the Department of Computer Science, Science Informatics is an interdisciplinary program supported by the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences. The program will train students in the problem-solving techniques used to handle very large datasets, like ones seen in Bioinformatics and Cheminformatics. Students will then hone and apply those techniques by fulfilling the research requirement. As a capstone experience, each student develops a research problem, with faculty guidance, and implements a solution.

A BS in Science Informatics offers excellent foundations for a vast array of careers in the public or private sectors. Students are especially prepared to work in New Jersey's high tech pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other data intensive industries. The program also elicits students to engage in graduate studies in the underpinning disciplines.

Bioinformatics is perhaps the best known of the disciplines becasue of its association with the Human Genome project. Cheminformatics is of similar importance in the pharmaceutical industry, and Geoinformatics is of increasing value in applied geosciences.

Science Informatics is increasingly changing the way technology-based and data-intensive companies organize their research-and-development activities!

If you were enrolled in the program prior to Fall 2014 the following are the programs you are following: