Faculty/Student Research Grant Program

Request For Proposals And Guidelines For Review Of Projects

The Margaret and Herman Sokol Faculty/Student Research Grant Program is an endowed program designed to acknowledge the role faculty play in advancing student development. The program awards grants for projects which impact on the depth and breadth of science and mathematics education at Montclair State in research initiatives that involve students working cooperatively with faculty. Criteria for allocation of funds for research efforts are as follows:

  1. Grants are awarded for a period of one year. Faculty may request funds to initiate projects or to continue those that are underway. Priority will be given to proposals that indicate the research and/or project will be supported once the Sokol Faculty/Student Revised Grant funding ends.
  2. Awards will be made for scholarly research activities that appropriately involve students. Priority will be given to projects with one designated faculty principal investigator working with student(s).
  3. Awards will be limited to $2,000 each with the major portion of the grant being allocated for Student Assistants. Funds cannot be used for faculty overload or faculty released time from teaching.
  4. The cost of supplies, and travel related to research or reporting of it, will be limited to onethird
  5. of the total award. (This criteria is be used as a guideline; a worthy project may be considered if the costs do not fit this criteria exactly.)
  6. Only full-time faculty members are eligible to apply.
  7. All other factors being equal, length of service and length of time since the last award may
  8. be a consideration in granting a faculty/student research grant.
  9. Projects funded shall not also be funded by any other MSU program.

In addition to the above guidelines, faculty are encouraged to carefully read the attached evaluation sheet in developing his or her proposals, since the evaluation sheet will be used in rating each proposal or request. All proposals will be evaluated by the CSAM Research Committee, which will make recommendations to the Dean. The successful applicants will be notified via a letter from the Dean. Please note that the awardees will be invited and recognized at the CSAM Awards and Recognition event sometime in May.

A written report of the completed project should be submitted to the Dean's Office, in the College of Science and Mathematics by December 1, 2015. The report should indicate the nature of the work and include a list of publications or professional accomplishments that resulted, as well as any additional information you believe is appropriate. Future applications will not be considered without this report.

Winners will be notified by Friday, March 14, 2014.

Graduate Fellowship in Science

The Margaret and Herman Sokol Graduate Fellowship in Science is a ten thousand dollar ($10,000) award to a graduating natural science major from the College of Science and Mathematics (CSAM) at Montclair State University who will pursue formal, full-time graduate study leading to a doctoral (Ph.D.) degree at an accredited institution of higher learning. This award will be restricted to students in the disciplines of Biology, Molecular Biology, Geoscience, Physics, Chemistry and Biochemistry. Each year one graduating senior will be selected to receive one of these $10,000 Fellowships. Applications will be reviewed following the fall semester and announcement of the award will be made in the spring each year.

The recipient of the award will be given a $5,000 stipend upon verification of enrollment for the first year of graduate study, and the additional $5,000 when she/he verifies that approximately half of the graduate program has been completed. The second $5,000 portion will be placed in trust in an interest bearing account. The recipient will receive both the principal and interest at the time of the second award. In the event that the Fellow does not continue in the graduate program, the second award will not be granted and the money will be returned to the fund at Montclair State University.

Candidates for the award must have completed at least 60 semester hours at Montclair State University with at least 24 semester hours completed in their natural science major at Montclair State University by graduation. Candidates must submit formal application to the Department Chair on the form provided. Each department chair may nominate no more than one applicant in each discipline to the Dean, who will consult with the CSAM department chairs prior to making a determination of the award recipient.

Download the Graduate Fellowship in Science Application‌ PDF.

Application is due to Department Chair by Friday, March 28, 2014.

Graduate Summer Research Fellowship

Summer Stipend for CSAM Graduate (M.S./M.A. Thesis) Research

Mrs. Margaret Sokol has provided CSAM students with yet another opportunity to advance their education. The Margaret and Herman Sokol Graduate Summer Research Fellowship will provide a $5,000.00 stipend to a talented M.S. or M.A. graduate student to conduct research on their thesis at MSU during the summer of 2014.

Any CSAM science graduate student who has completed one year of graduate study, is working on a research thesis, and will return to MSU for the fall 2014 semester is eligible to apply. The stipend is meant to assist the student during the summer and help her or him to make significant progress on a thesis research project and eliminate the need for working full time outside of the university.

The application should consist of a two-page student statement/proposal for the research to be undertaken and a letter of support from their CSAM thesis advisor who will serve as their mentor during the summer.

Here are the specifics:

  1. The Graduate Summer Research Fellowship is available to MA/MS students in CSAM who are completing their first year of a research-based thesis program.
  2. Students should submit a two-page research proposal, with summer goals/timeline. This proposal must include full contact information including phone numbers and e-mail addresses.
  3. Students should submit courses/grades from first year (unofficial transcript suffice plus predictions of grades in courses currently being taken can be appended as a separate list).
  4. Students should obtain and submit a letter of support from her or his faculty thesis advisor/mentor including a statement that research will take place with the mentor over this coming summer.
  5. Deadline is Friday, March 28, 2014; applications should be submitted directly to the Dean’s Office, Richardson Hall Room 263.
  6. The recipient and her/his mentor will be notified via e-mail. Please note that the mentor and the awardee(s) will be invited and recognized at the CSAM Awards and Recognition event sometime in May.

Application is due to Department Chair by Friday, March 28, 2014.