Statistical Consulting Program

students in the computer lab, Statistical Consulting Program Interior photo

Although we all can gather data through experimentation or observational studies, the complexity of sampling design and analysis in most disciplines requires at least some form of expertise related to data analysis. Most of us, however, do not have time to acquire the necessary specialized knowledge, not to mention experience. The truth is that we often need someone who understands statistical inference processes and possesses skills needed to meet our requirements. Our program provides such scientific expertise in the field of statistical analysis.

The web pages that you can access from here were developed to provide you with both knowledge and skills that will be needed to be an effective analyst, as well as giving you options to contact us for consulting. The purpose of this web page is to inform you of what we have to offer. You may choose whichever option you like... from learning about the nature of our consulting services to familiarizing yourselves with descriptive and inferential statistics.

For further information about the Statistical Consulting Program contact: