Mission Statement / Goals and Objectives

Mission Statement

The Montclair State University Upward Bound Project is committed to enhance each Scholars opportunity to successfully graduate from High School and complete a post-secondary education. With adequate preparation, guidance, engagement and empowerment, those Scholars who are committed will excel in their studies and every option presented to them. Through educational enrichment, leadership development, and community outreach, the Upward Bound Scholars will mature both personally and academically and create an environment that inspires change in their communities. It is the goal of Montclair State University Upward Bound Project to ensure that all our Scholars actualize their full potential and pursue their lifelong ambitions.

Goals and Objectives

The main objective of the Montclair State University Upward Bound Program is to offer program participants each year the academic skills and motivation necessary for success in their high school and undergraduate education. The goals are (but not limited to): to encourage and help maintain a competitive GPA; to achieve a proficient level on state assessments in reading/language arts, mathematics and the sciences; to work on a plan and complete a rigorous school program of study to graduate with a secondary school diploma, to enroll in an institution of higher education; and to provide the guidance and mentorship to accomplish their career aspirations.

These goals and objectives are achieved through a balance of formal course work, comprehensive support services such as tutorials, collaborative learning, peer mentoring, academic advisement, individual and group counseling, lectures series, field trips and financial assistance. There is a work study and volunteering component as well.