Program Modications/ Student Status Changes


  • When a degree student's GPA falls below 3.0, the degree student will be placed on academic probation.
  • The student must raise his/her GPA to at least 3.0 within the next six credits of course work taken within the next two semesters from the date of notification of probation. This may include summer session.
  • Failure to achieve a GPA of 3.0 within the prescribed period of time will lead to final review, which may result in removal of matriculated status and dismissal.
  • A degree student who receives three "C" grades (i.e., "C+", "C", or "C-") will be dismissed from the program.
  • Graduate students taking courses as non-degree or under any matriculation other than a degree program status must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.500. Failure to maintain a GPA of 2.5 will result in being placed on academic probation.

Dismissal actions will be made on a case-by-case basis by the The Graduate School in consultation with a degree student's GPC.

Note: If a degree student who has been dismissed from one program applies to another program, the only matriculation status available is conditional matriculation.

If a graduate student wishes to change his/her program of study, an "Application for Change of Program" form must be filed with The Office of Graduate Admisions & Support Services A new statement of objectives must be submitted, stating the reasons for changing programs. Forms are online from The Office of Graduate Admisions & Support Services website at:, and from GPC. The Graduate School will review student credentials and forward the change request to the GPC of the new program for review for admission. There is a $30.00 non refundable "Change of Program Fee."

Note: This does not guarantee admission into another program. Acceptance may require students to accomplish a minimum score on another standardized examination and/or require accomplishment of certain pre-requisite courses and/or special departmental requirements.

Graduate students, who are already accepted in an instructional certification program and wish to change to the M.A.T., must file a second application with The Office of Graduate Admisions & Support Services. Filing another application requires a full application fee. All credentials for the M.A.T. are still required. If an acceptance decision is made, the original instructional certification application will be removed, if not, the student will be reinstated into the instructional certification program.

To declare or change concentrations within a particular graduate program, students must file the "Change/Declaration of Concentration" form with The Office of Graduate Admisions & Support Services. This form may only be used to change a concentration, not to change degree programs. The "Change of Concentration" form must be approved by the student's GPC and submitted to The Office of Graduate Admisions & Support Services. The Office of Graduate Admisions & Support Services will notify students once the change has been approved and implemented.

A written request is necessary for a student who wishes to take a leave of absence from their graduate work. Written notification must be sent to the GPC of the major program and to The Graduate School stating the reasons and time necessary for the leave of absence. A leave of absence is granted for a period of one-semester. For continued leave, students must submit additional leave of absence requests successively. For student convenience, a "Request for Graduate Leave of Absence" is downloadable from the Web site: A statement of support must accompany requests for longer leaves from the GPC. It is the student's responsibility to verify the withdrawal from any currently registered course by contacting the Registrar's Office. Withdrawl from courses is the responsibility of the student once a Leave of Absence is approved. Refer to WESS for withdrawal guidelines.

A student who has not registered for at least three (3) credits during one academic year will be transferred automatically to inactive status and must file a written request with the Dean of The Office of Graduate Admisions & Support Services to be permitted to register again. Reactivation is not automatic and may require support from the student's GPC. When reactivated, the student must be prepared to fulfill the conditions of active student status. See Course Load section. Reactivation may be granted provided the student has not been away from MSU for more than three (3) years and provided that the original matriculation has not yet expired.

A student may transfer six (6) semester hours of graduate credit previously earned at an accredited United States college or university toward a master's degree program at Montclair State, and up to 24 credits for a doctoral degree, if the following is provided:
1. That the student obtains approval from the department GPC at the time of admission/matriculation,
2. That the credits were not previously applied to any degree,
3. That the credits are not more than ten (10) years old.
Grades below B are not accepted for transfer credit, nor are courses below graduate level in the originating institution. Grades earned at other institutions are not included in the MSU cumulative grade point average. Only matriculated, degree-seeking students may transfer credits.

If students wish to temporarily attend another institution and have that graduate credit included toward the degree requirements at Montclair State, students must obtain the approval of the appropriate GPC and The Graduate School prior to enrolling in the course. A "Transfer Credit Application" form, available from The Office of Graduate Admisions & Support Services and from the website, must be filled out and submitted to the appropriate graduate advisor/chairperson and must be approved by The Office of Graduate Admisions & Support Services before enrolling in an off-campus course. If approved, students must have the off-campus registrar's office forward the official transcript to Montclair State University, The Office of Graduate Admisions & Support Services and the Registrar's Office. A maximum of six credits may be transferred after matriculation. Note: Grades below a B will not be accepted for transfer credit.

To permanently withdraw from the University, graduate students must provide a written statement of intentions to The Graduate School and forward a copy of this statement to the appropriate GPC. Please see the Leave of Absence section for information on a temporary withdrawal. Students wishing to permanently withdraw are responsible for dropping courses inwhich they may be registered.