Special Circumstances

Graduate students who were admitted to a formal program of study (doctoral, master's, certificate, or certification program) who have not attended classes for a period of two years or more and whose matriculation has expired (i.e., student has passed the maximum amount of time allowed to complete his/her program) are required to file for readmission with The Graduate School prior to being allowed to resume coursework. This involves submitting the standard admission application forms in use at that time, including the application fee, as well as any required supporting materials (e.g., transcripts, test scores, etc.) that are no longer on file at The Graduate School. The review for readmission will include the student's current standing in his/her academic program including: academic performance, completion of degree requirements, and length of time since the student's matriculation expired. A meeting with the student's GPC will be required before readmission is approved. At the time of readmission, a new matriculation is established and the graduate student will be subject to all academic requirements of the academic program as exists at the time of readmission. Coursework taken more than ten (10) years prior to the term of readmission will not be eligible for use toward the completion of the new degree requirements.

No graduate credit is allowed for concurrent enrollment in other colleges without the prior approval of The Graduate School and the appropriate GPC. Students who wish to take a course(s) at another institution and transfer the credits to Montclair State must fill out the form, "Application to Take Course(s) at Another Institution and Transfer the Credits." This form can be found in The Graduate School CO 203 and must be completed before enrolling in the course. A maximum of six (6) credits may be transferred in from another institution.

MSU seniors within 16 semester hours of completing bachelor's degree requirements, who possess at least a 2.670 grade point average and have taken all required prerequisites, may apply to take up to 6 hours of 500 level courses for either undergraduate or graduate credit, if prior permission is granted. A graduate course taken for undergraduate credit cannot later be included in a graduate degree program. If courses are taken for graduate credit, graduate tuition and fees will be charged. Appropriate forms are available at The Graduate School and must be submitted in person in the Office of the Registrar by the student or his/her representative.

Permission given to an undergraduate to take graduate (500) level courses does not imply future acceptance into any graduate program; that can only be done by a separate admissions process. Those planning to matriculate in graduate programs at the University should refer to the Graduate Catalog for specific admission requirements.