Financial Needs: Banking/ Bill Payments




Location: College Hall, Room 208
Phone: (973) 655-4461

The Office of Student Financial Aid assists eligible students in meeting their educational expenses through loans, grants and student employment. The federal government, the State of New Jersey, and Montclair State make funds available through a variety of programs to students to help meet educational expenses.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be filed in order to be considered for federal or state financial aid. To complete this form please go to If you are a student that is eligible for State Aid, please go to to complete the State’s additional questionnaire. For further information including application procedures and filing deadlines, please visit our web site, email our office at or contact the Office of Student Financial Aid in College Hall, Room 208.

Federal and State regulations mandate that recipients of financial aid must meet the following enrollment requirements:
Your awards are based on full-time enrollment and the estimated cost of attendance. If you are not enrolled and/or do not intend to enroll full-time for either fall or spring semesters, you must notify the Office of Student Financial Aid so that your awards can be adjusted.

Registration Requirement
Students with unpaid balance on their student accounts will not be permitted to register for future terms. Financial aid funds that have not disbursed due to a student’s late submission of documents may leave a student’s account with a balance due and a registration hold as a result.

Verification Requirement
The U.S. Department of Education selects applications for verification. Students selected for this process will be notified via their WESS account under Student Requirements. Students should submit all requested documents in a timely fashion as the verification process does take some time to complete. Please note that once the file has been verified, the information obtained may change the student’s preliminary financial aid award. No financial aid will disburse until the verification process has been completed.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements
All undergraduate financial aid recipients are subject to a Satisfactory Academic Progress evaluation at the end of each academic year (the end of the spring semester). The evaluation will determine eligibility for financial aid in the next academic year. If a student is determined to be ineligible, they will receive notification via their WESS account and MSU email. This notification will outline the appeal process and state the deadline by which the appeal would need to be submitted. Here are the requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress:

  1. Students must have a cumulative grade point average is a 2.0 or higher.
    Students must successfully complete a minimum 67% of their cumulative attempted credits.
    Students must not have attempted more than 180 credits.

Additional notes:

  • A withdraw from course(s) after the 100% refund period may have an adverse impact on a student’s ability to meet the standards outlined above since a WD will not be added to the earned credit count but it will be added to the attempted credit count.
  • These regulations apply to all federal and state financial aid programs including Federal Work Study. These regulations also apply to some private loan programs.


Center for Academic Advising & Adult Learning
Location: Webster Hall, Second Floor
Phone: (973) 655-7114
The Center for Academic Advising & Adult Learning oversees the Older Adult Tuition Waiver (OLA) Program, which is for New Jersey residents, age 65 or over. The OLA program allows students to take courses on a space-available, tuition-waived basis. Students are only responsible for the student fees plus an administrative fee each semester enrolled. Students with a high school diploma or its equivalent may take undergraduate courses. Students with an undergraduate degree may take undergraduate or graduate courses, but must pay graduate fees regardless of the course level. OLA students are also eligible to apply for a degree program by meeting all of the University admission requirements.