Counseling/ Medical/ Emergency Care

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Alcohol and Drug Program

University Health Center

Sexual Assault Response Team

Disability Resource Center

Health Promotion

Drop-In Center (Peer Advocacy Program)


Residence Hall Directors:

Blanton 973-655-5212
Bohn 973-655-5266
Hawk Crossings 973-655-4475
Freeman-Russ 973-655-5332
Village  973-655-6689
Dinallo Heights  973-655-4664/4663
Machuga Heights  973-655-4668
Sinatra Hall 973-655-5257

All patient/client records for services provided in the Health Center, Counseling and Psychological Services, the Alcohol and Drug Program, and Services for Students with Disabilities are strictly confidential and are not a part of other University records. No information is recorded on any permanent college record, so it cannot appear on a transcript or any other official document. No information about a student's visit to these services will be released to anyone without specific written permission from the student, except in the event of an extreme emergency where a clear danger to self and/or other exists.


Office of Equity and Diversity

Women's Center

Bias Response Taskforce

Council for Faith and Spirituality