Dining Options

Here at Montclair State University, you've got options. You can pick your major out of the approximately 300 we offer, you can join any of around 120 different clubs and organizations and you can build the class schedule that fits your lifestyle. So naturally, you have a huge variety of food options. Fancy a donut? Grab one from either the C-Store or Dunkin' Donuts. Need a bolt of liquid energy before sitting down for an all-night essay-a-thon? We've got you covered, hot or iced, any hour you need it. Or maybe you're not quite sure what you want and like to have the options laid out for you to choose from. Head over to one of our resident dining rooms on those kind of days and choose from the extensive menu of sandwiches, hot entrees, salads and of course, desserts!

A meal plan makes eating on campus a breeze. With a constant plan, you never have to think about budgeting or balances -- just swipe into either resident dining hall and you're good to go!

Block plans are a simple equation: 1 block = 1 meal. Chip away at your alloted blocks by swiping into a resident dining hall at any time or  by spending them at one of our participating retail dining locations during "meal equivalency hours." Meal equivalency hours are just that: hours throughout the day where a block is equivalent to a dollar amount. During these hours, you can use a block to buy its value in food items.  Equivalency Hours 2013-2014

Flex and Red Hawk Dollars are for the time between meal equivalency hours. Most meal plans include either or both of these. Flex dollars can be used for any food purchase on campus, including vending machines. Red Hawk Dollars can be used for more than just food and can be used at both on- and off-campus locations.

Montclair State University is committed to providing students with healthy, sustainable food choices. Calorie counts are available in the resident dining halls and for the Red Hawk Diner. Students can find food options that fit any diet. For more information, please contact the food services team.