Red Hawk and Flex Dollars

sushi Red Hawk Dollars

Red Hawk Dollars may be added at any time for any amount. A Red Hawk Dollar account is an all-in-one debit card function of your Montclair State University ID card; and it’s used for purchases at any on-campus food venue, select off-campus vendors (OCS), the University Bookstore, Sprague Library and the Recreation Center. Red Hawk Dollars do not expire.  Red Hawk Dollars roll over automatically from semester to semester.  Once Red Hawk Dollars are applied to the student’s account, Red Hawks Dollars cannot be cancelled.  Whether optionally selected as part of your meal plan or purchased separately, Red Hawk Dollars can be purchased at the Red Hawk Dollar Office located on the 1st floor of the Student Center or by visiting the Montclair State University Online Card Office.

‌Flex Dollars

Flex Dollars are used just like cash to purchase food. One Flex Dollar is equal to one cash dollar. Many meal plans (Constant Pass and Block Plans) come with Flex Dollars or a combination of Flex and Red Hawk Dollars.  Once enrolled in a meal plan, the plan together with the Flex Dollars and/or Red Hawk Dollars is automatically added to the customer’s Montclair State University ID card. Flex Dollars are accepted at all Residential Dining Halls, all on-campus Retail locations and all campus vending machines. If you run out of Flex Dollars before the end of the semester, you can purchase additional Flex Dollars ($50, $100, $250). Flex Dollars are tax free.  Any unspent Flex Dollars automatically roll over from the Fall semester to the Spring semester as long as you have a meal plan in the Spring semester. Balances at the end of Spring semester will be forfeited.  If you cancel your meal plan, any unspent Flex Dollars will be lost.

Cash Equivalency

With block meal plans, your dining options are expanded to take advantage of the Student Center Casual Dining, Café Diem, Rathskeller, Red Hawk Diner, Sub-Connection & GFOC. Participating Retail Food venues at specific times will accept a block from your Traditional Meal Plan and convert that block into a pre-set dollar amount that can be applied toward your food purchase.