Director Search, School of Communication and Media

The Opportunity

Montclair State University seeks the next Director of its School of Communication and Media. The Director will oversee the continued development of a School distinguished by an interdisciplinary, innovative, and creative environment where students pursue studies in communication, diverse media, and related emerging fields of study and professional practice. One of four academic units in the highly regarded College of the Arts, the School offers B.A. degrees in Communication and Media Arts, Communication Studies, Journalism, Public Relations, and Television and Digital Media, a B.F.A. in Filmmaking, and an M.A. in Public and Organizational Communication. While these programs currently serve approximately 800 majors and graduate students, enrollment is anticipated to grow by fifty percent over the next five years.

The School will shortly take occupancy of an extraordinary new facility, providing a physical and technological environment at the front edge of both academic and industry standards.  The University seeks a Director with the energy, vision, and experience to seize the opportunity of shaping this exciting School through planning the growth of its faculty, realizing the potential of its physical facilities, and continuing the development of curricula that will provide a superb and future-oriented education for students. The successful candidate will be charged with building substantial connections to the media and communication industries in the region and beyond and establishing a robust network of external fundraising to support the realization of the School's aspirations.