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The Curriculum section of this web site provides the viewer with the actual Exploring Drug Abuse through the Science of Epidemiology curriculum. The curriculum consists of 29 lessons that are divided into five modules. Modules 1-4 address Essential Questions 1-4, respectively, and Module 5 addresses Essential Questions 5 and 6. The curriculum can be navigated by using the menu to the left.

Module 1

Counting and Rates
Introduction to Surveillance
Counting/Describing HIV / AIDS
Counting High School Marijuana Use
National Survey on Drug Use and Health
Other Drug Abuse Surveillance Systems

Module 2

Overview of PPT and What's My Hypothesis?
In the News
Drug Abuse by "Person" Race / Ethnicity
Drug Abuse by "Place" States in USA
Drug Abuse by "Time" Boundary Effect

Module 3

Introduction to Analytical Epidemiology and the 2x2 Table
Experimental Study - Buprenorphine Example
An Actual Randomized Controlled Trial
Observational Studies of Natural Experiments -
Sensation Seeking Example
Fundamentals of Study Designs
Study Design Exercises

Module 4

Introduction to Interpreting Associations
Reverse Time Order
Weighing the Evidence

Module 5

Individual and Societal Decision Making
Drug Policy Question - Should needle exchange programs be implemented?
Drug Policy Question - Should high school students be drug tested?
Drug Policy Question - Should D.A.R.E. be taught in all schools?
Drug Policy Question - Should marijuana be legal for medical purposes?