April 23, 2013


Media Blitz: A new communication and media school at Montclair State

New Jersey Monthly

Montclair State University has spent the past school year rolling out an ambitious plan to become a major center for media education—at the same time defining what that might mean in the digital age.

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 Photo of Montclair State students in studio control room.

Shrinking portions: Psychologists mine the mind-stomach connection

The Star-Ledger

Photo of chocolate.

Psychology professor Debra Zellner's research with the Culinary Institute of America shows that people are more likely to eat food they'd ordinarily reject if it's presented artistically.

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Biologist at Montclair State University finds a way to use sound to protect aquatic life

The Record

Cargo ships that steam into Newark Bay release millions of gallons of water teeming with tiny sea creatures from faraway ports of call which can harm fisheries and clog intake pipes of drinking water treatment facilities. Professor Meiyin Wu has found a way to treat the water with sound waves, rather than chemicals.

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  Photo of Meiyin Wu, Professor at Montclair State University.

Montclair State students sift through history

Montclair Times

Photo of Montclair State students.

A group of anthropology students from Montclair State University sifted through dirt, digging for treasure behind the Clark House on Orange Road. The shovel test dig was overseen by the University's Center for Heritage and Archeological Studies, directed by professor Christopher Matthews.

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Urban teens gather at Montclair State for empowerment conference

Passaic Valley Today

"Programs such as this conference tailored especially for urban teens have never been more critically needed," said Daniel Jean, executive director of the Educational Opportunity Fund Program and Academic Development at Montclair State.

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 Photo of Montclair State students.

Montclair State group cleans up flood trash in Little Falls

Passaic Valley Today

A group of volunteers from Montclair State trudged through the woodsy Morris Canal Preserve, where they dragged tires, metal debris, and other trash away from the nearby Passaic River for proper disposal.

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 Photo of river clean up.

Out of sight, out of mind: NYC proposes cigarette display ban

USA Today, College

USA Today College logo.

“Keeping cigarettes out of the sight of children is yet another tool in Mayor Bloomberg’s highly successful approach to tobacco control,” said Lisa Lieberman, a professor in Montclair State University’s Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences.

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Road salt alters ecosystems - can the wood frog survive?

The Record

New research by Lisa Hazard, an ecologist at Montclair State University, indicates that the situation might be particularly dire for the wood frog because the adults seem unable to detect elevated levels of salt in the water they might breed in.

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 Photo of Montclair State students.


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How music can be used for therapy (Montclair Patch) - Associate Professor Brian Abrams discusses research and experiences in music therapy, which is gaining popularity as a new therapy approach.

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Baristanet Features Faculty Experts

How to talk to your children about the Boston Marathon bombings - During times of tragedy, it's important to know how to to talk to children. Gerard Costa, director of Montclair State University’s Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health, offers tips for parents during difficult times.

Advice on what to look for when selecting a school - If you have a child starting kindergarten in September, you'll have to see all the schools to make a decision. Liz Kendall and Nancy Lauter, from Montclair State's Early Childhood, Elementary Education and Literacy Education program, give great advice for parents.

How to play with children with autism spectrum disorders - As part of Autism Awareness Month, Gerard Costa, director of Montclair State University’s Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health, offers his advice on playing with children with autism.

Walking to school alone: What's the right age? - As warmer weather approaches, Sara Goldstein, an associate professor in Family and Child Studies at Montclair State University and an expert in Developmental Psychology, offers advice to parents regarding when to allow your children to walk to school alone.

In Other News...

News organizations set up bureaus at Montclair State (The Record) - Eight New Jersey news organizations, including the company that publishes The Record and Herald News, will operate news bureaus at Montclair State University, where students will collaborate with professional journalists on projects.

More schools support classroom gadget use (The Record) - Greg Festa, director of the ADP Center, says more schools are turning to gadget-approved models which gives students and teachers a one-to-one opportunity for digital learning.

NJ colleges, students respond to social media (The Record) - Professor Petrali Chatterjee’s class is developing its own mobile phone application to help students with an age-old problem: how to buy and sell used textbooks.

Armchair marathons: Binge viewing is the way many watch TV today (The Record) - Hugh Curnutt, Montclair State professor of media and television studies, says, "Binge viewing has led, in part, to the creation of more serials because I think serial programming is especially conducive to that sort of viewing experience."


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