November 9, 2012

NJ decides 2012: election night in New Jersey

NJTV - NJToday with Mike Schneider

Photo of Montclair State students.

Montclair State University President Susan Cole visited NJTV studios on election night to talk about the passage of the $750 million bond referendum to finance construction at New Jersey's colleges and universities.

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MSU helps fuel expansion, new jobs with steam-powered energy plant

Passaic Valley Today

Using a public-private partnership made possible by the 2009 New Jersey Economic Stimulus Act, Montclair State University is replacing its aging energy system with a $90 million heating and cooling system that is creating 400 new jobs.

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Photo of wedding dresses in conference center.

Newark debuts N.J.'s only all-boys public school amid high hopes, criticism

The Star-Ledger

Photo of Montclair State students.

Kathryn Herr, a professor at Montclair State University, who studied a California public school that became a single-sex academy, says the research on same-sex education has been mixed.

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Also In This Issue

The 5 things you must know to understand the fiscal cliff (Credit.com) - Luis San Vicente Portes, Associate Professor of Economics at Montclair State University, says the key is not limiting the progress the economy has made so far.

A stylistic chameleon stays in camouflage (The New York Times) - Benjamin Millepied has been an enigmatic choreographer for years. He is now artistic director of a new repertory company, the L.A. Dance Project, which showed recently at Montclair State University.

Play nice! Helping your children include others (ParentMap) - "Young children are open and accepting by nature," says Elizabeth Joy Erwin, EdD, professor of early childhood inclusive education at Montclair State University.

Voter approval of bond issue touted as "change in culture of higher education" (NJBiz) - Montclair State University President Susan Cole said that the campaign to pass the bond built off of more than 10 years of educating the public about the state’s lack of financial support for its universities and colleges.

6 Questions for Merrill Brown on starting Montclair State's J-School (MediaShift, PBS) - Merrill Brown is going to rethink journalism education from the ground up by being the founding director of the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State University.

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