The Entrepreneurial Mindset

It’s totally different than anything that Montclair offers ... it really challenges your way of thinking.”

That's how Meghan, a Graphic Design major, summed up the "Entrepreneurial Mindset and Innovation” course. This course is for you if you think you might want to start a venture someday, whether it's opening a dance studio, commercializing that app idea, running a tutoring business, turning your design concept into the next must-have gadget, or creating a social service nonprofit. If being a business owner is the furthest thing from your mind, this course will teach you the mindset of an entrepreneur, a valuable attitude that can help you succeed in any career.

Creativity is a major theme that runs throughout our curriculum, and our certificate program will expose students to a process that strengthens their innovative and creative capacities, and that enables them to apply these attributes to whatever they pursue: starting a business or nonprofit, or standing out as an entrepreneurial employee inside a company.

And finally, are you afraid to fail? If so, then this is not the program for you. Entrepreneurs fail far more than they succeed, but they learn how to fail and use the experience to continue to innovate until the successful concept emerges. This is the mindset that you will need to foster in order to become a successful entrepreneur.

"Entrepreneurial Mindset and Innovation" is open to students of any school, any major, because students pursuing any discipline can benefit from the course's lessons.