Our Mission - Your Success

At the Feliciano Center, creative spark and innovative ideas meet the tools to develop them into successful ventures.  

Part of the Feliciano School of Business, the Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship is a resource for the entire campus, not just students pursuing a business degree. The Center offers a Certificate of Entrepreneurship that consists of three, three-credit courses. The highly interactive and rigorous courses teach students the mindset of an entrepreneur, a valuable attitude that can help graduates succeed in any career. The classes help students learn how to be more creative and discover new ways to innovate.

Obtaining the Certificate of Entrepreneurship can help you highlight real-world skills as you search for your first job, and during subsequent career moves. Entrepreneurial thinking is a mindset and attitude that many employers desire today. With every industry changing so rapidly, employers want to hire people who can think creatively and be innovative. Our courses will show you how to be that employee.

The Feliciano Center also has a special mission to nurture women entrepreneurs through program development and mentorship.