Women's Center

As a branch of Montclair State University's Division of Student Development and Campus Life, the Women's Center is a tangible expression of Montclair State's commitment to women's issues and concerns. The continued existence and growth of the Women's Center reflects the changing and expanding roles, rights and responsibilities of women in today's society. The Women's Center offers all members of the campus and surrounding communities an opportunity to engage in a dialogue on women's issues. We promote the exploration of topics of individual and collective importance to women in an open and comfortable atmosphere. We support women in their search for personal development, their quest for self-esteem and their achievement of individual and social empowerment. We believe that positive change follows an open exchange of ideas and a thorough questioning and examination of women's roles in today's world.

So why do we need a Women's Center?

  • Because worldwide, more than half the population of women over the age of 15 cannot read or write.
  • Because according to the US Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, 74% of completed and attempted sexual assaults against females were not reported to the police.
  • Because there are approximately 8 million people suffering from anorexia nervosa in the U.S.; 90% of them are women.
  • Because domestic violence is the leading cause of injury and death for women worldwide.
  • Because, in the U.S., one in five women will be victims of rape in her lifetime. A woman is raped every 3 minutes.
  • Because there is no country in the world where women's wages are equal to those of men.
  • Because Women's issues are everyone's issues!



The Women's Center is located in Student Center, 110. 
Email: womenscenter@mail.montclair.edu