Facilities Technology Services

Facilities Technology Services help to bridge the gap between University Facilities and the various technology systems, which are utilized to monitor, service and maintain our growing Campus. These technology efforts were formerly organized under the Facilities Management Information Systems (FMIS) area, which operated from 2006 thru 2013.

Some of these complex facilities systems include building automation systems (BAS), electrical monitoring systems or SCADA, and enterprise-class business support systems. University Facilities also works with the Campus design and project teams on all new building and renovation projects, by programming facilities and related technology systems for MSU campus facilities. University Facilities strives to introduce improved and sustainable practices into all its projects and University operations.

Projects and Initiatives


FMIS managed the implementation of the Kronos Workforce Timekeeper system, which went live in December of 2011. The project overview and system components can be found at the Kronos Website.


FMIS managed the implementation of the Projectmates Project Management Information System, which went live in February of 2013. The project overview and informational pages for Projectmates can be found at the Projectmates website.


FMIS managed the implementation of Archibus upgrades for University Facilities. Key deliverables included upgrading the core software and hardware, review and analysis of service-oriented business processes, and launching the Archibus Building Operations module, which went live in January 2014. Information about Archibus and the Building Operations module can be found on Facilities' Archibus website.