Capital Project Planning and Design

Project Planning

  • Project initiation, preliminary space programming and conceptual design
  • Validation of requirements for capital project requests with departmental justification
  • Budget development in conjunction with University Facilities Design and Construction for PCE.
  • Management from project inception through schematic design, as appropriate.
  • Historic plan archiving and as-built record keeping

A Project Initiation Procedure has been created to help colleges, departments, or other units to streamline their space requests.  Any department requiring additional space should first determine if the space can be found within their current allotment.  If unsuccessful, the department should complete a Project Initiation Form (PIF) and forward the request to their dean or director for approval.  Deans should consider space transfers between departments.  If a solution cannot be determined and if the dean or director agrees with the requirement for additional space, the request should be forwarded to the Office of Capital Planning & Project Management.

The Office of Capital Planning & Project Management will review the current space allotment of the department making the request.  If the department has followed proper procedures in informing the Office of Capital Planning & Project Management of all changes to space allocations within their department, the request for additional space will be reviewed and processed.

The Office of Capital Planning & Project Management will first review the space allocation within the existing department to determine if space can be re-allocated within the department to accommodate the request.  This can be accomplished by the reassignment of under-utilized space or the reassignment of any space in excess of the space standards.  This may involve renovations, if deemed the most cost-effective manner, to achieve the accommodation.  Additionally, if the steps indicated above are unsuccessful in accommodating the space request, the Office of Capital Planning & Project Management will endeavor to find suitable space elsewhere within the University.  The department making the request will be responsible to fund any renovations required to generate the space unless it is determined that a capital project will fund said request.  If the new space requirements are substantial and will involve a capital project, the user will be required to complete a PIF to initiate the new project process.

In general, all space assignments that require minimal changes to the University's space use will be handled between the Office of Capital Planning & Project Management and the requestor. When major changes are requested to space assignments or conflicts occur in space assignment, input from the Provost and/or President may be required.

Design Services and Standards

Site and landscape design services, this group provides:

  • Designs and plans for minor capital projects
  • Coordination and design assistance to a variety of University Departments; Grounds, Transportation, Parking, Police etc.
  • Development of budgets
  • Construction oversight on consultants and contractors

Interior design services, this group provides:

  • Space planning;
  • Budgeting for interior design needs;
  • Furnishings and finish selection, procurement and installation; 
  • Interior signage services.
  • Oversight of interior design consultants for Interior Design services on campus construction and renovation projects.

Signage and wayfinding design services, this group provides;

  • Standard templates for interior and exterior building signage requests
  • Budgets to the requesting department for signage requests
  • Oversight of signage proof drawings and installation on all University projects

Design standards

  • Drawing Standards
    • AutoCAD Drawing Standards
    • Room Number Guidelines
    • Space Design Guidelines
    • Archibus Standards
    • As-Built Requirements
  • Product Standards
    • Site furnishings
    • Furniture
    • Signs