Space Management

The Office of Space Management has been developed to provide efficient management and utilization of both current and prospective property and facilities. This office has prime responsibility for the inventory, utilization, modification, and evaluation of academic and administrative facilities owned or leased by the University.

All Montclair State University property and facilities fall under the direction of the University President as a whole.  The stewardship of campus space is delegated to the deans and senior administration. Vice Presidents and Deans are responsible for the oversight of the space occupied by activities under their control, just as they are responsible for the management of staff and fiscal resources associated with the space. It is also the responsibility of the Vice Presidents and Deans to ensure space utilization is consistent with the purpose for which it was assigned (e.g., laboratory space to be used for laboratory purposes, office space for office purposes, etc.).

The Office of Capital Planning & Project Management’s function includes collecting and maintaining data relating to MSU’s facilities and providing this information to various University constituents for internal and external reporting and analysis. This information is maintained MSU’s space management system, ARCHIBUS. The Office of Capital Planning & Project Management is in the midst of launching a web-based component of the system, WEB CENTRAL, which provides a secure deployment of the data to internal academic and administrative units.

Additionally, the Office of Capital Planning & Project Management has established a building stewards program to aid in the capturing of updating the various University departments current space allocation.  The building steward is responsible for reporting the data collected during the department’s annual space survey and will be used for analysis and reporting in the following areas:

  • Validation of requirements for capital projects
  • Development of program plans for capital projects
  • Support to the University's strategic planning initiatives (programmatic, financial, and physical) from the perspective of space needs
  • Assistance to the schools/colleges in developing Academic Space Plans required for all capital projects
  • Priority recommendations for space improvement and capital projects through analyzing the campus facilities needs, developing proposals and recommendations while adhering to the campus master plan of the University.

In addition to the annual space survey, the Office of Capital Planning & Project Management will conduct its own space survey on an as needed basis.