New Feliciano School of Business Building

The new Feliciano School of Business is a six-story, 143,000 square foot structure located adjacent to University Hall. The facility will house instructional spaces, administrative offices, conference and seminar rooms, departmental suites, group study rooms, large common lobby and lounge spaces, a café, and an open/ surface parking lot.  

The lower level of the building houses academic classrooms and a limited amount of parking. A separate entrance from the covered parking area brings visitors to a lobby that provides elevator access to the floors above or a master staircase which leads to the cafeteria or the building atrium on the first floor.  

Entrance to the first floor is either from the upper quad through the main lobby or from the lower level master staircase. The building is designed around a central atrium which connects the remaining five floors with a monumental stair. The first and second floors are designed to create a dynamic, energetic feel that supports student needs and services. The purpose of these floors is to create a series of transparent and semi-transparent spaces where student and faculty can meet and intermingle, accomplished via the use of wood-framed glass doors and window systems. Surrounding the atrium on the first floor are a series of small group study rooms, the Student Services Suite, the Executive Education Multi-Purpose Room, a large lecture hall and student lounge. The atrium on the second floor is ringed by additional small group study rooms and the graduate lounge all of which have large windows overlooking the floor below.  

Floors 3 through 5 incorporate a mix of academic offices and classroom areas clustered into distinct zones and separated by department offices, and seminar and conference rooms.  

The design of the building complements and draws from the Spanish Mission architectural design vocabulary used in University Hall. The building will exemplify the University’s commitment to sustainable design and its intent to achieve a Silver LEED rating. Audio/Visual and technology systems shall be designed as an integral part of the building’s infrastructure to help support the teaching curriculum.