Panzer Gym Renovation

The renovation of Panzer Gymnasium (approximately 70,000 gross square feet) included upgrades to the competition gym, a new building entrance (façade) on College Avenue, interior upgrades, the electrical system, and extensive upgrades to the HVAC system. The project was completed during the summer of 2009.

The work can be itemized as follows:

Lower Level:

A new Training facility was constructed by converting the Spydel Lab into a complete training facility with an instruction area for the athletic training educational program. 

The Laundry facility was upgraded with new Washers and Dryers.

A Multi-Purpose Room was created by renovating the current weight room.

Creation of the Women’s Officials Locker Room, and additional Women’s Team Room.

Expanded Assistant Athletic Director/ Swim Coach’s Office, and creation of additional men’s team rooms.

Upper Level:
Main Gymnasium was renovated to basically renew it to be a “new” gym as follows:

All new doors (allowing for improved security and circulation in the main level),  new wood flooring throughout, six new competition backboards, new bleachers, (2) new scoreboards, (2) shot clocks,  (all to NCAA specifications) speaker system, lighting, floor wiring to the scorer’s table, sleeves for volleyball competition, etc.

The new color-corrected lighting was provided to achieve a much more natural light at even foot-candle distribution.

The flooring also received several new iterations of the University logo.  The “Red Hawk” is prominently displayed at center court along with the University initials “MSU”.  “Montclair State” is seen at each end line area.

The heating and ventilation system was completely replaced with new supply equipment and supply ductwork, diffusers, etc.  Air conditioning was added to the main gymnasium.

The mechanical equipment located inside a gypsum enclosure within the roof structure of the gym was demolished.  The new equipment is located on the roof of the gym facing Sprague Field.  The equipment will be completely screened from view.

The gym interior walls and ceiling were re-finished.

The Conversion of the existing Wrestling Room into the New Weight Room.  This includes large windows on the north side, creation of an access corridor along the side of the room, necessary electrical system upgrades to supply cardio equipment, new flooring, tiered area for cardio equipment, storage cubicles and all new fitness and strength training equipment.

The Building Entrance was renovated to upgrade the building entrance on College Avenue to improve the image and appearance of the entire Panzer Gym facility, while making this entrance ADA compliant.

The scope also includes a two-story entry portico that creates a “face” to the Panzer Gymnasium.

Renovated the Men’s and Women’s bathrooms and relocated the ticket booth/concession area and control point, at the entry.


Upgraded floors walls, ceilings, etc. of all interiors to improve the image and appearance of the entire facility.

Upgraded the lighting systems with energy efficient fixtures.

A new code compliant fire alarm system was installed.

New shower valves with temperature controls.

Provided a new incoming electrical service, transformers and main distribution panels.