About Us

The Facilities Service Desk (FSD) provides a single point of contact for facilities services related questions from members of the University community.

Members of the Facilities Service Desk include:

Joseph Fornarotto fornarottoj@mail.montclair.edu
Allen Jean Baptiste baptistea@mail.montclair.edu
Keisha Shay shayk@mail.montclair.edu
Lourdes Reed perdomol@mail.montclair.edu

Our focus is to respond to your needs and to resolve the majority of issues immediately. Each FSD team member is knowledgeable in the work order process, and can provide information relating to service requests and work orders, as well as other facilities-related issues. We will utilize the prioritization system to alert supervisors to recurring issues, and provide proactive support for preventive maintenance.

We invite you to contact the Facilities Service Desk for your facility needs and inquiries at (973) 655-5444, or by e-mail at ServiceDesk@mail.montclair.edu

We are open on Monday-Friday from 7:00am-10:00pm, on Sunday from 12:00pm-8:00pm, and are closed on Saturday. After normal business hours call and leave a message, or send an e-mail, and we shall contact you on the next business day.

For building emergencies after hours and weekends, please contact University Police at ext. 5222.