Building Services

Building Services encompasses all aspects of Housekeeping Services, Moving Services, and Pest Control Services.

Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping Services is comprised of four distinct functional units, each serving an integral component of the campus: Academic, Administrative, Residential Education and Student Center/Athletics/Theater.

  • Academic Unit - The buildings that house the University's numerous academic and instructional programs are served by the Academic Housekeeping functional unit.
  • Administrative Unit - Provides housekeeping services to those buildings that house administrative functions and processes in support of the Univerisity's mission.
  • Residential Education Unit - Currently comprised of eight residential facilities, the Residential Education unit strives to provide first-rate service so that living & learning activities can be nurtured by the staff within the Division of Student Development & Campus Life.
  • Student Center/Athletics/Theater Unit - The University's facilities that support special events and activities for students, staff and the general public are included in this diverse functional unit.

If you would like to submit a work order to request Housekeeping Services, you may do so via:

Service Level Agreements

We are committed to providing high-quality services to meet and support the strategic direction and changing needs of Montclair State University. Part of this is creating Service Level Agreements with the various constituent groups on campus. The follow agreements have been struck and/or are in development.

  • Calcia Hall
  • Cali School of Music
  • Student Center
  • Student Recreation Center
  • University Hall, Floors 1-4
  • University Hall, Floors 5-6

Housekeeping Cleaning Standards


  • Floors bright & clean
  • Waste containers clean with little waste
  • Chalkboards showing only daily use
  • No dust
  • Furniture clean & orderly
  • Glass clean & sparkling
  • Restrooms clean & stocked

Exceeds Standards

  • Floors clean
  • Waste containers clean with little waste
  • Chalkboards showing only daily use
  • Little dust accumulation
  • Furniture orderly
  • Glass clean & sparkling
  • Restrooms clean & stocked

Meets Standards

  • Floors clean
  • Waster containers has little waste
  • Chalkboards showing only daily use
  • Some dust accumulation on horizontal surfaces/vents
  • Furniture orderly
  • Glass clean & sparkling
  • Restrooms cleaned & stocked


  • Floors dull
  • Waste containers often full or overflowing
  • Chalkboards dusty
  • Dust accumulation evident on all surfaces
  • Furniture in disarray
  • Glass streaked & with fingerprints
  • Restrooms dirty & paper goods not stocked


  • Floors dirty & dusty showing spots, marks, & dust bunnies
  • Waste containers full or overflowing on a constant basis
  • Chalkboards dusty, evidence of not being cleaned
  • Furniture dusty, spots, marked, & in disarray
  • Glass is dirty, full of fingerprints, & streaks
  • Restrooms dirty, floors not mopped, odor problem, and no paper goods

Housekeeping Cleaning Frequencies

Daily Cleaning

  • Sweep/dust floors
  • Empty waste containers & sanitary napkin disposal units
  • Clean water fountains
  • Spot mop floors
  • Spot clean carpets
  • Rearrange furniture
  • Clean chalkboards
  • Spot clean door glass
  • Clean restrooms, mop floors, disinfect, & restock paper goods
  • Clean elevators
  • Remove graffiti
  • Change light bulbs & clean light fixtures
  • Clean entranceways, keep free of litter/cigarette butts/snow & ice
  • Keep custodial closet/slop sinks/storage areas clean & orderly

Twice a Week Cleaning

  • Vacuum carpets

Three times a Week Cleaning

  • Wet mop floors

Weekly Cleaning

  • Dust open flat surfaces, including high dusting
  • Dust furniture & window sills
  • Buff & burnish floors
  • Mop stairwells

Monthly Cleaning

  • Dust vents and radiators
  • Clean kick plates/baseboards
  • Clean doors/windows
  • Quarterly Cleaning
  • Scrub & recoat floors, shampoo carpets as needed

Semiannual Cleaning

  • Do restorative carpet cleaning
  • Clean office upholstered furniture as needed
  • Clean classroom furniture (remove graffiti & gum)

Annual Cleaning

  • Strip & refinish floors
  • Clean outside windows by request
  • Clean student rooms & apartments

Notes: These standards and frequencies of cleaning are based on a normal working day. Special projects, special events, inclement weather, and staffing shortages may impact our operation. We will strive to exceed the Meets Standards Level and perform at the Exceeds Standards Level.

Moving Services

Moving Services has responsibility for on-campus moves, room setups, and some event setups. If you would like to submit a work order to request a move or setup, you may do so via:

Pest Control Services

Building Services is responsible for the extermination of insects and small animals/rodents.  A Certified Pest Control Company contracted by the University is on a campus once a week throughout the year.  The Pest Control Company practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is the practice of using the least toxic or harmful method of controlling pests. The exterminator is on campus every Monday by 7:30am to provide routine maintenance and to complete any pest control work orders that are in the TMA Work Order System.

The Residence Halls are treated are treated 3 times during the academic year, when the students are away for breaks.

All calls for pest control should be directed to the Facilities Services Desk