Faculty/Staff Services

Package Delivery

Central Receiving delivers packages to all departments on campus.

When expecting a freight delivery, please notify Central Receiving in advance so that proper delivery instructions can be arranged prior to the shipment arriving on campus.

It is important that all packages are addressed to the department that the delivery goes to, even if the item is ordered by a different department.

Deliveries are first attempted to the department. If no one is available, the package will be delivered to the Dean’s office.

Package Shipping

Central Receiving does not have accounts with each carrier to ship packages for departments on campus. The individual/department must make the necessary payment arrangements with the carrier.

When individuals/departments have outgoing packages to be shipped by any of the carriers listed on our main page, they must contact Central Receiving and request a pick up so the package can be shipped from our office. FedEx Express is the only carrier that will come to individual buildings on campus.

Central Stores

Central receiving handles all requisitions for items listed in the Central Stores Catalog.

Central Stores Requisition can be sent via inter-office mail, by fax to x7626, or by email to broxtonl@mail.montclair.edu.

Please Note: Beginning, Monday, August 13, 2012, the process for ordering multi-purpose paper on campus will change to make it easier for User Departments to coordinate all of their paper needs. Departments will be able to order paper online and arrange for door-to-door delivery service.  If you have any paper ordering responsibilities, please note the following:

  • Central Receiving & Stores Department will no longer handle the purchase and distribution of multi-purpose paper on campus. Instead, all paper purchases will be made through the University’s office supply vendor, W.B. Mason.
  • W.B. Mason will provide next day delivery for all paper orders, including pallet-sized orders.  As you have done in the past, we ask that you remain mindful of your paper inventory and plan orders in advance.
  • If you do not already have an on-line account set up on WB Mason, please refer to Procurement Services Office Supply Contract for program details. 

If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact Procurement Services at x7859.
Thank you.


The release of purchase orders is handled by Lavone Broxton in the Central Receiving department. Upon receipt of your complete order, please contact Lavone at broxtonl@mail.montclair.edu so that he can release the associated purchase order.

Toner Recycling

Central Receiving will pick-up empty toner cartridges for recycling when notified. If the cartridges are left with outgoing mail, Mail Services will deliver them to Central Receiving.