How to Use Nextbus

Nextbus provides several quick & easy ways to find and track your bus.

SMS Text Device

Text your stop number to 41411 (ex: "msu 109").

Setup an SMS Alert

Want to know when the bus is five minutes away? Set an SMS alert.

  1. Select a stop by texting 41411 with your stop number
  2. After predictions are displayed, reply to the prediction message with the number of minutes of notice you want. You can specify an alert time between 0 and 30 minutes. For example, you select a stop by texting "msu 109" to 41411. Then reply with "5" to be alerted when your bus is five minutes away.

Detailed Instructions

Download the app

For Android or iPhone

Disclaimer: The My Nextbus and iNext Bus applications have no affiliation with either Montclair State University or As a result, we do not provide support for these applications. Any comments, suggestions, or complaints about functionality should be directed to the application's developer.


  1. In your phone's browser, go to
  2. You will be redirected to the simplified mobile site.
  3. Select your location, transit agency, route, and stop.
  4. The most current predictions for the arrival time of the next bus will be displayed.*

Detailed Instructions


Visit either the MSU site or go directly through Nextbus.*


  1. Call 973-771-3152
  2. At the voice prompt, enter your stop number.
  3. The system will provide you with the next scheduled arrival time.

*Users viewing on a smartphone or the Nextbus website will also have the option of viewing a live map showing the location of the bus on its route.