Exit Plans

View Montclair State University's Fire Evacuation Plan.

The following links provide graphical direction of fire exits and emergency staging locations for each building on campus.(*Buildings under construction provide staging information. Fire exit direction will be added upon the completion of construction.)

1515 Broad Street
10 Normal Avenue
14 Normal Avenue
18 Normal Avenue
20 Normal Avenue
22 Normal Avenue
30 Normal Avenue
855 Valley Road
860 Valley Road
Abbott & Costello Center
Alexander Kasser Theater
Basie Hall
Blanton Hall
Bohn Hall
Bond House
Calcia Hall
Cali School of Music (Chapin Hall)
Center for Environmental and Life Sciences
Children's Center
College Hall
Dickson Hall
Dinallo Heights
Drop-in Center
Fenwick Hall
Fleld House
Finley Hall
Freeman Hall
Hawk Crossings 100s
Hawk Crossings 200s
Hawk Crossings 300s
Life Hall
Machuga Heights
Maintenance Building
Mallory Hall
Memorial Auditorium
Morehead Hall
Panzer Gymnasium
Partridge Hall
Paul Hall
Police Station
Red Hawk Diner
Red Hawk Parking Deck
Richardson Hall
Russ Hall
Schmitt Hall
School of Business
Science Hall
Sinatra Hall
Softball Field
Speech Building
Sprague Library/Cafe Diem
Stone Hall
Student Center and Annex
Student Recreation Center
University Hall
Ward Trucking - Auto Shop & Shuttle Staging Area
Webster Hall
Williams Hall