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KRONOS is a timekeeping solution that combines time management with data collection and labor tracking, for accuracy and reliability within the time and attendance process. KRONOS also reduces the amount of time and attendance data errors passed between Human Resources, Payroll, and KRONOS system users.

On-Campus Locations

  • Student Center – located at rear of the building, lower level, just outside the lock shop.
  • Maintenance Building #1– first floor just outside of the Transportation break room.
  • Maintenance Building #2– lower level at the bottom of the rear staircase.
  • Abbott and Costello – near the main entrance door located next to Morse key box.
  • 1515 Broad Street – center corridor outside of Room 2OIT1.
  • University Hall - lower level, right of the service elevator.
  • Ward Site – inside the Facilities maintenance garage.

University ID Cards

All employees are required to have an updated University Identification Card. ID cards have a magnetic stripe which transmits employee information to the KRONOS server when punching in and out. For more information on ID cards please contact the ID Card Office.