Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I need codes or a PIN to access my information?
    No.  Your Campus ID and biometric verification combine to grant system access.
  2. Will I be able to review information and keep a personal or web copy?
    Yes.   The information on the terminal is updated and viewable every day. Before the end of the pay week you will be able to review your accumulated hours directly on the Kronos device. If you wish to have a paper copy of your timesheet, please contact your supervisor.
  3. How would I record sick, vacation or compensatory time?
    Supervisors are responsible for recording all sick/vacation/comp time in Kronos. Vacation and comp time must be approved in advance by your supervisor following established procedures.
  4. How would I record overtime or emergency-related hours?
    Punch in/out of the Kronos device as normal. Your supervisor will designate the correct hours from regular time to the proper pay code, for the approved time worked (OT, snow, etc.).
  5. If I punch in early, is it considered overtime ?
    No.  Shift schedules are loaded into Kronos, and the clock will automatically round to the employee’s official start time; however, please refer to the Electronic Timekeeping Employee Guidelines for further information about the regulations governing early punches.   If an employee is called in early for work, the supervisor will override the rounded start time to correctly credit the employee for any additional hours worked.
  6. If the power goes out, will I still be able to punch in?
    Yes.  The Kronos clocks are equipped with backup batteries. All swipe/punch data is stored on the Kronos server, which is connected to a backup generator system.
  7. If I am at an authorized off-site location at the start of my shift, does it count as a late punch?
    No.  An employee who has received prior authorization to be off-site at the start of his or her shift will not be recorded as late; however, employees must complete the Missed Punch Form and submit it to their supervisor for processing.
  8. Will vacation/sick/personal/compensatory time counters be more accurate, showing updated leave balances to date?
    No.  The current system for accruals will remain in place. Future improvements to the University’s Human Resources time and attendance systems will provide more accurate balances.
  9. Can Payroll differentiate between User actions and Supervisor actions in case of discrepancy?
    Yes. Kronos is able to identify when punches are swiped at the clock, and all managerial or supervisory input. A full audit trail for all employee hours is stored on the Kronos server.
  10. Will the supervisors be able to see when an employee has taken lunch? Can lunch times be recorded?
    No.  Employees are not required to punch for lunch. Kronos automatically subtracts time for lunch.
  11. If I have left my ID card at home, what is the procedure to punch in manually?
    University policy requires that employees must carry their IDs at all times while on campus. Report the missing card to your supervisor and complete the Missed Punch Form for processing. Please be advised that there is a limit to how often this can occur. Please refer to the Electronic Timekeeping Employee Guidelines for further information on missed clock punches and lost or missing ID cards. 
  12. How will supervisors review data collected?
    Supervisors will review timecard data electronically in Kronos.