Forms must be fully completed with all appropriate signatures before they are submitted.

  • Employee Add Form
    To be used for all new hires (full and part-time) who must be added to the KRONOS system.
  • Employee Update Form
    To be used for employees currently in KRONOSthat are moving to a new department, a new cost center or a new position, or if a part-time employee assignment has ended.
    • An employee is moved from the Housekeeping Academic Unit to the Housekeeping Residence Life Unit.
    • An employee is moved from the Facilities Services Department to the Facilities Maintenance & Engineering Department.
    • An employee is moved from budget 123456-7890 to budget 098765-4321.
    • An employee is promoted or reclassified to a supervisory position and will need to be able to approve the time of other staff members.
    • A Temporary Service Employee is terminated or leaves the University.
  • Missed Punch Form
    To be used if an employee fails to punch in or out on the KRONOS clock.

All KRONOS employees must be Biometrically enrolled in order to punch in and out. Contact the Facilities Service Desk (x5444) to schedule an appointment for enrollment.