A Message from the Vice President

TO:     Supervisors of New Employees

FROM:    Shawn Connolly, Vice President, University Facilities

SUBJECT:    New Employee Orientation and Follow-up

We look forward to having your new employee in Orientation. We will cover many important topics, such as MSU’s history, mission, vision, values and culture. We also will discuss Facilities Policies and Procedures, and introduce many campus resources and services available for your new employee.

The first months in a new employment environment may be a confusing and critical time for a new employee. Your efforts in setting expectations and aligning your employee's performance relative to their job requirements are critical towards fulfilling departmental objectives and the University's strategic goals.

Your employee is certain to have questions, but they may be hesitant to ask them. To make this process easier for both of you, please review the Supervisor's checklist for the First Day and the Supervisor's Checklist for First Two Weeks.  These forms and the information provided will go a long way towards providing the best possible jumpstart for your new employee. (These forms should be completed and kept in the employee's departmental file. Please complete these forms within two weeks of the employee's University New Employee Orientation.)

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if we can be of further assistance, please call us at 973-655-3304.