Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is authorized to use Projectmates?
    Any stakeholder in a University Facilities project effort may be asked to utilize Projectmates during the project run. A project manager will notify you if your participation is requested.
  2. How do I access Projectmates?
    Projectmates can be accessed at the University web portal, which is located at: Projectmates requires a username (Net-ID for MSU employees) and password for access, which will be provided to you by the system administrator when you are brought onto a project effort.
  3. Can I use Projectmates off-campus?
    Yes, Projectmates is a secure web site that can be accessed from off campus.
  4. How do I update a project?
    Log in to the Projectmates portal and select the appropriate area/tab to perform work. If you do not have access to areas that you were trained to use, contact your project manager for assistance.
  5. Can I delegate authority for someone else to view a project when I am away?
    Additional users or contacts can be assigned in such cases. Contact your project manager to coordinate this.
  6. Does everybody in Projectmates need to be a User?
    NO. There are two main designations in the Projectmates system: Users and Contacts. Anyone actively submitting forms, invoices and related project data will be required to have User status. Contacts will still be able to receive, comment on and respond to all project-related communications. Contact your project manager if you feel that your current access does not match your project involvement.
  7. Why am I getting emails from Projectmates?
    Projectmates uses email notification to keep stakeholders notified of active project processes. Note all emails that you receive, as you may be required to respond to, comment on or approve an item in order to keep a process moving. Contact your project manager if you feel that you are receiving Projectmates’ emails in error.