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Projectmates training sessions and webinars are held regularly through University Facilities and its vendor partner, Systemates. Some of the courses covered by these classes are:

  • Projectmates 101    
  • Project Initiation through Design    
  • Code Services    
  • Portfolio Reports    
  • Finances for Project Managers    
  • Finances for Facilities - Finance Admins    
  • System Administration    
  • Construction Management    

Projectmates University

Projectmates users can also attend Projectmates University, which is online access to Projectmates webinars and module training classes. To access the Projectmates University portal at

  1. Select Projectmates University from the right menu.
  2. Click the “https*” button.
  3. Enter your Projectmates server address [].
  4. Log in using your University Net-ID.
  5. Select the class you wish to attend; the webinar will start immediately.

 To schedule individual training sessions, please contact the Projectmates Administrator at .