Satisfactory Academic Progress Regulations

All students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs must maintain certain requirements to remain eligible for Federal and State Financial Aid. 


For the Satisfactory Academic Progress details for your student status please read the SAP Policy.

Appeal Process:

  • You must complete a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal to have your financial aid eligibility re-evaluated. All appeals must be submitted by the deadline. NO LATE FORMS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Late appeals will be automatically denied.
  • Students also must answer both of the following questions (failure to do so will result in a denied appeal):
    • In detail, why did you fail to make satisfactory academic progress this past academic year?
    • In detail, what changes have (or will occur) to ensure you are making progress for the next academic year?
  • Please provide any necessary documentation to support the reason for your failure to make satisfactory academic progress (ie: proof of hospitalization, doctor’s note, etc)
  • Appeal must be typed and postmarked, faxed or handed in by the deadline - NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Students will be notified of decisions during the first week of August

Academic Plan:

  • Students that successfully appeal Satisfactory Academic Progress will be placed on an academic plan with the Center for Advising and Student Transitions, Academic Success and Retention Programs, Educational Opportunity Program, Athletics or with another department the student is affiliated with.
  • Students must follow the plan in order to stay eligible for financial aid. If a student does not follow the plan they will lose all aid eligibility.
  • All students must complete an academic plan for the Fall semester by the end of the add/drop period.
  • If a student does not complete an academic plan their SAP will be reviewed at the end of the semester.
  • If a student does complete an academic plan their SAP will be reviewed at the end of each semester stated on the plan.
  • A student will get denied SAP in subsequent semesters if they do not adhere to the conditions of a previous academic plan
  • Academic plans will only be for one academic year and then revisited

Readmitted/ Re-enrolled Students:

  • Students that have been readmitted from academic action by the Center for Advising and Student Transitions, that have taken classes at another institution, will be placed automatically into an academic plan.
  • Students that re-enroll but not readmitted will still need to supply an appeal by the stated deadline to be aid eligible.
  • If a student was not in attendance due to a leave of absence, withdraw, probation or otherwise not in attendance for the Fall semester, they must still adhere to the appeal deadline.
  • Readmitted action students will still need to complete an academic plan but that plan will have to be completed one month after their re-admittance.