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Parents of Gifted Offspring - POGO

The Gifted & Talented program recognizes that academically gifted young people face a unique set of challenges because of their gifts. These challenges can range from perfectionism, concerns about political or global issues, high expectations for themselves, the stresses of challenging academic work, or feelings of being marginalized because they don’t share the interests or abilities of most of their peers. POGO (Parents of Gifted Offspring) was established more than a decade ago by a group of concerned parents to provide opportunities to meet and discuss these and related issues. Led by experts in the field of gifted education and child and adolescent psychology, POGO seminars take place while students are in classes on the Montclair State University campus and generally last an hour. All parents of gifted students – not just those whose children are enrolled in the program – are invited to participate. Admission to all POGO seminars is free and open to the public.