Summer 2015 Gifted & Talented Program

Grades 1-4:

The Gifted & Talented program provides learning communities for students in Grades 1-4. The Gifted Learning Communities group children together who share common interests and are actively engaged in learning together, from each other, and by habituation. These learning communities provide students with a more holistic environment while still engaging them in a fun, unique summer experience!

  • Students in first through fourth grade will have the opportunity to enroll in two learning communities this summer.
  • Students that remain with us for a full day of camp will have the opportunity to enroll in two classes of interest during the remaining periods of the day.
  • Students coming for the half day program can enjoy a morning learning community and a 4th period class of their choice (no lunch will be provided).
  • Please Note:The classes within the community are not interchangeable; therefore, canceling one class will result in a loss of all the linked courses.

Grades 5-12:

Families can personalize their schedules by selecting from courses in science, mathematics, technology, sports, visual and performing arts and the humanities. Anticipated courses include robotics, SAT Prep, algebra, and pop culture.

Course Schedules

Our courses are taught by experienced professors and teachers in small learning environments that allow for a customized experience.