Offsite Programs

Overview – What Can The Offsite Program Do For Me?

The Montclair State University Gifted and Talented (G&T) Program's K-12 Offsite Program has been designed to bring our courses and services directly to your school or group. Whatever your needs, Gifted & Talented works closely with parnter organizations to craft and implement a sustainable, strategic plan that is specifically tailored to your situation. 

Courses and Modules

Our unique, innovative courses provide access to Subject Matter Experts (SME's) who differentiate in the teachable moment for our highly curious minds. We can collaborate with you to develop K-12 “beyond school” push-in/pull-out modules for your G&T students and as in-class or after-school enrichment for general ed. populations. Our offsite and online courses are designed for Grades 3 and up to provide general education enrichment and more challenging differentiation for your G&T students.

Our courses span all subject areas with a focus on promoting career exploration and promoting key skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, data analysis, and the design process. The course curricula are challenging yet purposely flexible to allow our SME’s to adjust and differentiate as needed. Our SME’s are trained to employ best practices such as immersing students in real-world challenges and efficiently guiding student-led inquiry during our online discussions.


We offer a flexible array of services to meet your needs. School administrators will often approach us regarding the need for assistance with their G&T population. Many do not have the time or the personnel to address specific tasks related to the planning, implementation, and assessment of their Gifted and Talented Program. You are not alone, we can help! Let us know if you need assistance with curriculum development, professional development, an existing program assessment, or the creation or revision of your G&T identification and screening process.


Costs are dependent on the services needed by our offsite partners. Gifted & Talented tailors services and courses to the need of each partner organization. 

Contact Us

Please email if you have any questions or need additional information about the Montclair State University Gifted and Talented Program’s Offsite Program.