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LGBT Resources - New York

Empire State Pride Agenda

A statewide, non-partisan Lesbian & Gay political advocacy organization, dedicated to ending discrimination and prejudice on the basis of sexual orientation.

NYC Lesbian & Gay Community Services Center

Home to the National Archive of Lesbian & Gay History, NY State Lesbian & Gay Health and Human Services Network, & more than 25 of its own programs - from counseling & social services through outreach/education & public policy efforts, & a wide range of recreational & cultural activities - The Center is also a regular meeting place for over 300 LGBT & AIDS-related groups.

Gay Men of African Descent [GMAD]

An organization committed to empowering Gay men of African descent through education, social support, political advocacy, and health & wellness promotion.

The NYC Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project [NYC-AVP]

A service agency for LGBT survivors of crime, especially bias crimes - including HIV-motivated violence - domestic violence, & sexual assault; & that documents such cases.

AVP staff & volunteers assist survivors (& others affected by such crime) of by providing therapeutic counseling, advocacy within the criminal justice system & victim support agencies, information for self-help, referrals to practicing professionals, & other sources of assistance.