Teaching in English On-Site Program

An International Faculty Advancement Program

The TIE On-Site program was developed in 2005 in response to a need expressed by several MSU international university partners who asked us to assist them in strengthening the English writing and speaking proficiency of their instructors who are teaching their courses in English.  Since then, the program has been offered in four countries. MSU faculty from around twenty disciplines have participated in the program.

Participants - 2Designed as a 3-4 week program, the course of study is comprised of three courses taught by three MSU faculty members representing the disciplines which reflect those of the program participants.  Up to 25 university instructors may participate in the program.   In addition to the three courses, MSU faculty schedules open discussions on topics of interest to participants.  Program duration is between three and four weeks depending on the partner university’s preference and can be arranged anytime during the year. Participants who successfully complete all three courses will be granted an official Certificate of Completion by Montclair State University.