About Us

Founded 1908, Montclair State University is located on a beautiful 250-acre campus located 12 miles away from Manhattan in northern New Jersey. The University is the second largest in New Jersey with a student body of 18,402 undergraduate and graduate students.

The Global Education Center at Montclair State was established in 1991. The Center consolidates the University's international initiatives and programs and provides leadership and organizational focus for the University's global outreach. The Center coordinates all international activities on campus, advances international objectives across colleges and schools, builds alliances, creates and cultivates international partnerships and serves as an international resource for the campus and the community.

Among other endeavors, the Global Education Center at Montclair State University runs Teaching in English: An International Faculty Advancement Program
Teaching in English is a customized professional training program designed for professors and academic instructors working at universities in non-English speaking countries. Designed for non-native speakers of English who teach their subject areas in the English language, the program provides intensive training courses in English methodology and language skills.

The program is designed for instructors from any international university, any academic discipline, and/or research field.

Our program faculty are specially selected from among Montclair State University's best professors who come from various disciplines and have strong backgrounds in teaching English as a second, (or foreign) language and/or experience in training teachers. They provide courses in English language skills and in current teaching methodology. Each faculty member teaches one intensive course.

In previous years, the Teaching in English program was only offered at the host university campus, but due to overwhelming demand to have the courses taught in the United States, Montclair State University is launching the Teaching in English in Montclair option beginning in the summer of 2012. Both alternatives feature the same core courses, but Teaching in English in Montclair also includes a variety of elective courses, a series of additional lectures on contemporary topics in America, and field trips to New York City and Philadelphia.

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